New purchases thread!


Terribly, unfortunately.


After keeping on top of MSY for the last few days I finally have memory for the computer with any luck I should be picking it up locally on Sunday as my dad is going to have it put on a work truck.


I’ll start a new thread hopefully tomorrow. That’ll make things easier to keep things moving along, as intended in this thread.


Started one here Alternative to a Mac thread I’ll be adding my reply in hopefully over the next few hours if not it’ll be tomorrow.


Picked up a couple of Steelseries Nimbus controllers for use on my Apple TV 4 with Provenance and Real Racing 3, from eBay, arrived yesterday.
Cost with postage from the US being about $125, which since they’re $100 new isn’t a bad price for two in very good condition.

Just goes to show that drunk impulse purchases can work ok after all :joy:


Not according to a guy I know who apparently one night registered the domain in the early hours of one morning (only to cancel it the next day)


But why?! That’s awesome :smiley:

whats your email?
[email protected]
Can you spell that for me?


I went on the preorder list today for a Nintendo Switch in neon.

I also bought Breath of the Wild. Shut up and look at the game artists work, it’s utterly amazing. 3D Realism is dead to me.


Delivery in Feb some time. Wife’s new vehicle for school runs.


Looks good. What do they run at these days?


Run as in,
Price? $65k
Power? 6.2L 304kW, 570Nm
1/4 mile? About 13.5s
Fuel economy? Not good.

As it is the wife’s car I can’t touch it. But CAI, exhaust and tune can get close to 400kW and 700 Nm N/A for about $8k.

I’m waiting for my lease to finish next year and I’ll look at a Gen-F or F2 GTS.
$8k upgrade to it can net 500kW+ and 900Nm+


I wish I had that kind of cash to drop on a vehicle


300kw and 13.5 seconds. Those Commodore wagons must way as much as a brick toilet.


We don’t really. It’s a novated lease so pay off bits slowly using pre tax dollars.

Both wife and I have driven cheap crap boxes for 20+ years.
Only 3 months ago I stopped driving my 1990 Ford Laser (was my daily driver from 1998).

We’ve worked hard so now it’s time to splash out on something new and nice.




Wow, yeah, now I’m thinking traffic light derbies your Commodore sports wagon is slower than my 4 cylinder Integra :yum:


Shouldn’t that be:



Shouldn’t that be



SinCity The Complete Volume by Frank Miller $80 including shipping on fleebay!


For some reason my mind read that as Sim City.