New purchases thread!


Me too… :sunglasses:


One for the Inception fans…

After looking at some very pricey versions… which google-ads then decided to continually spray across my web browsing… I splashed out $2.99 on this:

The “proper” ones go for up to $500 for a solid gold one… Or something absurd like that.

The one that arrived today from China is not amazing quality - has a small nick out of it, and kinda surprised to see the word “Inception” engraved on the underside - surely that puts the balance off…! But for $2.99, I can’t complain.

I’ll have to actually re-watch the movie though, as I can’t even recall the relevance of the die. :slight_smile: (oh - not pictured - also came with a small red dice.)


Big Ben Nintendo Switch case, so I can chuck my Switch in my bag without worrying about it getting scratched.

Joycon charging grip because I’m both lazy and don’t like cable mess. So I can plug my Joycons straight into the wall.


One of these evil devices (no, not the TV…)


Really want to replace my espresso machine in the next 12 months but we’ll see. Have other priorities to spend $2.5-3K on.

So I bought a bottomless portafilter instead:


Got myself some All Birds made here in NZ from Merino wool! So comfy!!!



Finally came last Thursday (early March 2017), after ordering at the beginning of January. I had exactly one listening experience prior to purchasing; in the Apple Store, for 15 seconds. It was enough time for me to listen to a bit of my favourite song, so I could instantly tell how they compared to my 3.5 mm EarPods. I loved them.

A few nitpick-y things, such as Siri being deadass slow (okay, maybe because of my iPhone 6 which iOS 10 seems to hate), and not being able to use apps such as Sleep Cycle whilst listening to music (apparently the speakers in the AirPods interfere with the microphone operation in an unusual way).

But, this is all software fixes. I’d imagine Apple will overhaul the visual and sonic interface of Siri, or at least for AirPods (so it doesn’t stop all audio/video if you just want the volume cranked up a bit).

Obligatory photos!


I have issues with even the EarPods not being snug in my ear. I usually use the bigger of the rubber attachments that come with other types of earbuds to make them fit snugly. Do the AirPods have the same feel to them as the EarPods in terms of fit?


AirPods are quite literally identical in terms of fit, but the lack of wires makes them more ‘robust’ in the ear. If you’re not sure, walk into an Apple Store and ask to try some on. They’ll even let you move your head around to see how snug they fit.


If there is one thing I learned doing post-graduate research stuff is that I hate photocopiers. Why couldn’t Apple have improved the photocopy industry when they went to Xerox also? Photocopiers are as arcane now as they were in the 1990s.


Yup wish I could. It would involve a very long walk at the bottom of the Tasman to get there.


I have no idea why they have to be the size of chest freezers anymore


The glass flat bed scanner section needs to be wide enough and deep enough to scan A3 paper (which we and many businesses use on a regular basis).

Our copier (which isn’t ‘that’ large) has 5 paper bays under the actual copier section, each takes a ream of paper and we use 1 for A3, 1 for printed letter heads, 1 for printed accounts and 2 for blank paper.

Even if you could make the actual ‘copier’ part smaller it’s mostly the paper storage that takes up most of the space.

There are more compact ‘work group’ copiers that only do A4 and have a single paper draw if you’re looking for something smaller.

It’s more the software that’s a bit clunky IMO, the scan to email and scan across network functions are clumsy and the way that multiple print jobs are handled could be improved.


You need a PhD. in quantum mechanics to be able to understand how the features work on photocopiers. The inherent issue is a software issue, the companies producing these things have not learned anything since the 1980s. If there were an industry where you could have an instant game changer printer/photocopiers would be it.

This is one reason why I don’t shoot with Fuji or Canon cameras either. I hate photocopiers. They both make photocopiers. It may be irrational but it is what it is at the end of the day.


And now you can get hacked through them. By Mr Robot, no less.


Posted by our own @tcn33 I rushed out and got one before the rest of you nerds snap them up:

Don’t let the similarity to an Arnie like Liberal Senator scare you off. It’s a very nice keyboard. Feels a bit different to the real wired Apple one to type on, but otherwise it’s fabulous. The fact you can pair four devices and easily switch between them is a godsend, as is the numeric keypad which I will use when working from home. Very happy with it.


Where did you buy it from and how much? Thanks.


Go it at CPL for $159. More than I would normally pay for something like this but it’s exactly the keyboard I’ve wanted for ages now. Finally someone made it.


Another au supplier is MacFixit, cost is a little higher at $179 +del.
Looked at this after reading a review on MacHash.
$100 in the us I think, but delivery on top of that.
Edit. MWave also selling it, cost $159, not sure about delivery.
Review link


That looks brilliant! I really do wish Apple would make a full size wireless keyboard, I’ve still got a couple of the wired jobs which I’ll keep until they die.

I’ve also got a wireless Apple Keyboard and trackpad but I just can’t use them (even though I use basically the same things on the laptop itself!). My brain simply wont accept a track pad on a desktop or a smaller keyboard.

At work I have the Logitech K750R which has a very similar feel, sadly it only comes in a Windows configuration, but since I’m working on Windows it’s all good :stuck_out_tongue: The solar has been brilliant too. Two years in it’s never slowed down or had any battery issues even though it’s in an office.