New purchases thread!


New mattress. Lazybed. Currently $350 off. I’m waking up pain free for the first time in about 20 years.

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Picked this up yesterday! Hybrid too.


Got my Fuji X100T today. With the new X100F coming out, people have been dumping the old models on the market so I decided to pick up a low shutter count one.


How much for if you don’t mind me asking?

I’m thinking of selling mine as I hardly use it.


They are selling between 800 and 1000 at the moment, depending on shutter count and extras


In few weeks time maybe you could write a small review? I am very interested as our current expensive mattress is not doing me any favours and I wake up tired and sore…



Better do it now. I’ll forget to come back in a few weeks. I’m finding it to be soft, but theres a very dense foam layer at the base so it doesnt all collapse down to the bed slats, cant feel those at all. I’m a very large person and I find it just right for my bulk. A thin person might find it to be too firm, a larger person than me might find it too soft. I do have difficulty changing position but I dont believe thats anything to do with the mattress, I had the same issues when I had my other sprung mattress. Initially I found it a bit grippy because of the memory foam layer but its not an issue. Overall I find it very comfortable and as I said in my other post, I am getting out of bed pain free for the first time in years.

I wouldn’t muck about, if you want to try it out you get to do that for 120 nights and if you dont like it, they will give you a full refund (assuming, I suppose, that you havent ripped it to shreds or crapped on it!!) So really, you can’t lose. The $350 off on double, queen and king has been extended for March so not much time left to decide. They might well decide to extend again but they already did once, dunno if I would depend on that.

I love mine. Now I’ve had it for 3 weeks and at this stage with every other mattress I have ever had, I’ve been bitching about this or that. Not this time. When it wears out, if I live that long, I’ll do it all again. Planning to get one for the spare room.


Not so much a new purchase but I ended up with one of these the other day

Along with a new iPhone 7+ which is so much better than my 6+ was!


I finally pickup my my new 2017 Harley Streetglide in Velocity Red Sunglow today :smile:

Screaming Eagle mufflers, Screaming Eagle high flow air cleaner, Screaming Eagle Race Tuner, Stage 1 speaker and ampifier upgrade and quick release sissy bar, pad and rear rack.


Does it have an iPhone plug? :wink:


I was wondering about CarPlay.
Real cool by the way Geoff. Does it come with a leather jacketed blonde?


Not specifically but it does have a USB plug in the fairing compartment for the phone, not a 3.5mm one like my old bike :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would have liked car play but I suspect that’ll come with the next major system audio update (this is just a minor update of the Rushmore 2014 audio). This release was all about the new motor with 4 valve heads gallery air/oil cooling.

Not for about the last 20 years :cry:


Guess you can get an iPhone 7 now then!? :smiley:


Yes! However upon examining the phone compartment I found out that my + model is too big.

I’m going to have to go from a 6S+ to a smaller 7 in order for the phone to fit.


The Fidget Cube Kickstarter finally delivered my order :smiley:

The kids all love them and they are better built than the knock off we bought while waiting :slight_smile:


2009 Mazda 3 with 60,000kms on the clock!

Wondering how easy it is to replace the head unit in these things, would love to put an aftermarket CarPlay unit in.


I bought some of the knock offs from, is that where you got yours from? Still waiting on delivery though


I’m not sure where the knock off’s came from, my wife got them for my son while we were waiting.

These ones are the real deal and while I say that they are better built… sort of like the difference between a cheap laptop and a MacBook which just feels more solid and better put together, given you can buy cheap ones for ~$10 vs the US$27 they want for Fidget Cubes at the moment it’s a hard recommendation to make.

Honestly, I thought about slipping in an order for an extra couple but they are on back order (and still working through the Kickstarter orders from last year) so I might wait until that clears (and they are on special :stuck_out_tongue: )


Pioneer CarPlay (and Android Auto… Because my girlfriend is a green bubble person) headunit for the above car

On sale until tomorrow from JB, because apparently Pioneer are trying to stick it to Sony with their inferior equivalent head unit: