New purchases thread!


A new Apple TV 4th generation 32 Gb, the old 2nd generation will go onto the other TV.

And yes this is a generic pic, you all know what they look like :slight_smile:


Bought an Anker Powercore from a guy on Geekzone for $45. Great deal, and great product. Given a full charge to my 7+ and my wife’s 6s so far and still shows 50% left.

Also had one of their PowerPort’s for a while which travels everywhere with me. So handy! Gotta love Anker products.


I know this is an Apple forum, but just purchased a MiBox :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool. How much where from?


+1 Would also be interested.


I got them when I was back in Malaysia recently, RM349 (that’s about $105 AUD). It’s the international version (MDZ-16-AB). Not sure where to get them in Australia, but Whirlpool forum suggests a couple of sellers on eBay for the international version.

Sorry I couldn’t help!


I pulled the trigger on the Mac Pro cheese grater. After a very long comparison, I ended up getting a 3,1 2008 dual quad-core 2.8GHz Xeon with 10GB of ram, 320GB 7200rpm HD, ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB.

It runs VERY smoothly on 10.8.5, but I’m going to try to go up to El Capitan and see how it handles various video editing solutions. I also have an external 1TB WD I am throwing in. I have a Blu-Ray drive I’d really like to put in, but it’s SATA whereas the 3,1 seems to be only IDE for optical drives. Is there an adaptor solution?

EDIT: Well, this is fun, it’s asking me for an admin password, the salesperson didn’t give it to me, and I didn’t think to ask. Herp derp.


I picked up 2x G5 towers over thw weekend (and a 24" second cinema display — pre thunderbolt) . Not interested in the internals, looking to mod one into a PC case.

Will likely have a bunch of its and parts fmo them, though not sure if they might be of much interest for anyone…


I’d love a G5 tower! they’d be awesome!


I saw three in my hunt for the Mac Pro cheese grater, but they weren’t guaranteed to be working. Update, El Capitan successfully installed on my 3,1, currently cloning it to an SSD for the OS disk.


There are two spare SATA ports on the motherboard. It’s not for the feint hearted, but you can absolutely install a SATA cable up to that space (I did it on my Early 2008 I’ve just replaced!). I had my SSD in there and then 4x HDDs. :wink: i.e. the machine can use 6 SATA devices.

See here:


It’s hard to say yet if this is faster than my MacBook Pro 2012 because it also has an SSD and 16GB of RAM, and newer RAM at that. I think the question is whether or not the Octocore Xeons from 2008 will make video editing/rendering faster. That said, I know you recommended an Nvidia card for Premiere vs my current Radeon.

Screw planned obsolescence though. It’s kind of nice to know I can’t go beyond El Cap, my stuff won’t break.

I still have a bunch of apps to install though…


Makes me laugh that apparently a 2009 White MacBook is capable of Sierra but a 2008 Mac Pro isn’t…


I’m sure that’s not REALLY true. I am sure if you really knew your way around firmware, you could get it on there somehow. Given the current experience I am having with El Cap, I don’t believe for a moment this machine can’t run Sierra. That’s nonsense.


Oh yeah its doable - there are some very good people who have Sierra running on the majority of late 2008, and 2009 machines that were dropped for no reason.


Haha, yeah, I’ve already found the patch. But it’s getting late, so that’s a possibility to be explored another day. Probably not tomorrow.


Fun and games for a rainy day :smiley:


Two key upgrades:

  1. Throw a GTX680 in there and get some serious CUDA action going. You will need to find a 6-pin power version, but it will seriously kick ass in Premiere & After Effects rendering then. Just buy a PC one, don’t buy a ‘mac flashed’ one off a conman on eBay. They work just fine with the NVIDIA drivers, and you can always leave the original card in there if you need it for occasional EFI boot support.
  2. Throw updated Processors in there. It’s a bit tricky, but worth it!


I think it’s all about the default GPU. But point is valid! :wink:


The thing is though, its arbitrary as you can hack it to run anyway!