New purchases thread!


Yes, but only with an upgraded GPU, which Apple don’t sell… so I see their point.

Also, the hack is a recompiled kernel from memory, and it often breaks after point upgrades. I decided it wasn’t worth it and stuck on 10.11.6 on my 2008.


I thought it could be hacked to run on the existing GPU, like it can be on the 2008 MacBook Pros.


A Technics SL-D2, Semi-automatic turntable. Because I’m too lazy to get up once an LP ends and I don’t want the tonearm to keep running after it finishes. They’re a good basis point and you can build them up to be better than anything you get from pro-ject for the same price. Besides. Direct drive is the best drive. Unfortunately people didn’t realise and got too caught up in resonance issues you can fix.

Eventually if you leave me long enough I’ll buy something I don’t need and this is it. The beginning of a solid and reliable basis electronics project. It’s going to get a headshell, stylus, cartridge and cork platter mat upgrade. I’m thinking about starting here with a nice fabric wrapped cork platter mat.

I’ll probably do an RCA and internal phono amplifier modification also, but I’m just going to pick up a jaycar phono amp to start with. Then I’ll think about a plinth upgrade with about 3kg of mass added into it from play dough…

Then I’ll think about moving it on and starting again.


So I bought a SATA cable/power cable adapter for the BD drive. I also went ahead and got the Nvidia GeForce GT 710 1GB, which is just about the lowest Nvidia card I could find that was also supported. It was only like $35, but I wanted to see how it would compare to my 9 year old ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB and make sure before I invested in something considerably chunkier that I could get drivers and what not to work.

Results are mixed.

Whereas the ATI could run YouTube at least at 1440x60FPS, the Nvidia stutters. This is shocking because this card is SUPPOSED to be 4K capable. However, I do not have a 4K monitor, and it has a max resolution of 1920x1080x60FPS… But that would not explain why the ATI could handle 1440, at least internally, seemingly so. This was an experiment because not all of my video sources are even 1080p, and there’s nothing actually made in 1440p, let alone 4K or 5K, so it’s moot. I’m concerned because if this has something to do with native support for the ATI but not the Nvidia, I’m not sure I want to shell out for some kind of major GeForce GTX Infinity Numbers Here only to have there be a compatibility bottleneck.

However, on the positive side, there’s drastic, noticeable improvement in system animations, application launching, web loading, etc. These things are also just plain sharper and more real looking. The downside of this, however, is that the sharpness is almost a bit too much for certain photos or videos, where I can see crisp jaggies. Maybe I just need to adjust the sharpness settings on my monitor. But for the many things that look better like this, I am not sure I want to lose them.

I THINK for my overall purposes the GT 710 is better than the Radeon HD 2600. But clearly neither are going to be optimal in a few years.

EDIT: Further testing reveals it’s the driver. When using Nvdia’s Web Drivers with the ATI Radeon, I get the same issue with 1440p, but I also get same lack of quickness and sharpness the ATI doesn’t have versus the GT 710. When I use the stock OS X drivers, I get 1440p, but the same lack of quickness and sharpness. I’m going to hazard a guess here that what’s happening is that Nividia Drivers are trying to make the cards render better quality? Maybe I could play the “1440p” because it was being downscaled on the ATI with the stock drivers? I can clearly see a quality difference on the GT 710, which means it must be pushing more pixels, which means that it’s probably actually trying to push 1440p, and thus can’t do it, where as the ATI under stock drivers isn’t even trying.

Or, you know, I could be totally wrong about everything. But if I have this right then, the question is, what am I looking at as far as the next upgrade? 4K monitor or better GeForce with my current 1920x1080p display?

Given quickness and sharpness, I’m going to say the $35 GT 710 was an acceptable price to pay for the improvement it offers over the stock card, but it’s not something permanent. I’ll use it for now. With the ATI though, that gives me 4-5 displays possible, which is hilarious, as it’s possible I won’t even go up from one.


Installing Sierra was not fun. It kept stuffing up, but I think I am finally satisfied:




Also. On sale for $2499 from JB if anyone’s interested.


The 20th anniversary 180gram audiophile repress.

Also Sade Diamond life.

And Sade Love Deluxe


Got the Jaybird X3 for gym, winter is coming!


New Lawn Mower, Masport President 2500 ST.


Continuing on my Anker binge I saw their SoundCore speaker on special the other day on Amazon, so all up it was $70NZ delivered. Took 6 days instead of the 14 they quoted :slight_smile: It is tiny but it is a BEAST! So powerful for the size. 24 hour playback on battery, AND with my PowerCore battery I can charge it up about 3 times before I need to touch a power socket :smiley:

Take THAT Logitech! The UE Boom is awesome but so much more expensive.

I also found a great deal on a Dell 27" 4K IPS monitor for $250 so I bought it and set it up at work. Unfortunately my MBP only outputs 1080p over HDMI, so I’m just waiting on a cheap mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable to arrive today so I can get true 4K on it. Still, great deal and makes a huge difference at work!


Flights to Peru, few days in the Amazon and a hike on the Inca trail in November. Obligatory photo of boarding passes once they arrive (just kidding, how stupid do you think I am?)


Marvin Gaye - Whats going on 7inch single. A true audiophile grade single. As relevant today as it was in 1971. Not just shopping centre car park music. A message of love in the time of war. Not that later Sexual Healing - Maarvin Gaye or “Lets Get it on.” The younger political activist. Also famous for the most popular rendition of “Aint No Mountain High Enough,” and “I Heard it Through the Grape Vine.”



My new Bose QC30’s arrived :slight_smile:


Is it essentially a 4K Apple TV type device? Cheaper, it seems


Purchased a new (to us) house - currently moving all our stuff in.

Discovered why the previous owners didn’t park their car in the garage - we can’t get either of our cars in there as the driveway is too steep and they bottom out. Couldn’t try before buying the place as the previous owners had too much stuff in the garage.

So - I’m thinking I’ve now got a heap of extra space for a games room, brewery, wine cellar…


It’s an Android TV Device, which means you also will have access to Google Cast/Chromecast built-in and runs android TV Apps. Yeah it’s pretty much the equivalent to an Apple TV.


Which method did you use to achieve this? :slight_smile: Apologies if it’s been asked already!


I can confirm, I was able to successfully update to 10.12.5.


My shirt arrived today