New purchases thread!


First time ever ordering the morning after a new product announcement… one 10.5 inch iPad Pro 256GB Cellular in Silver is coming my way at the end of next week! My aged original iPad Mini is looking forward to retirement…


Nice. I went for Jet Black. :wink:


Picked up a new Magic Keyboard with Number Pad this evening. So far I’m liking it.

Anyone want to buy a Magic KB without number pad off me? :slight_smile: Does $100 sound fair (it’s as new, but no charge cable included as it came with a computer and cable is needed for the mouse that came with it too).


“New” Desk. Who knew a draw would make a keyboard shelf.


It’s an ice cold day in hell today.


Not that I have anything against Android (I have a personal iPhone and a work Android phone) but why HTC rather than Samsung?


Two reasons:

  • Price
  • I HATE Samsung, their UI looks like a unicorn took a dump and a clown vomited on it.


Yikes! Have you used Android before? Interested to hear your experiences!


Now that is something I didnt expect to see!


:joy: :grinning:


HTC Legend was my first smart phone…once my contract finished, thank goodness only 12 month one, I got iPhone5…never looked back. but im sure they have improved since


I had a Samsung Galaxy at my old work. I hated it.

Loving it so far!


iPad Pro 10.5 256GB cellular.
$1300 (with EDU discount - sill ouch)
Silky smooth screen - can’t wait for this 120hz screen to be brought to other Apple devices.


I accidentally tripped over an bought a Elinchrom Ranger and some cactus triggers :slight_smile:


Got myself an August Smart Lock from Amazon recently.

In addition, I went around Hobart and bought basically every Belkin Wemo bulb I could find, taking advantage of the fact they’re discontinued and can be had quite cheaply. I’m using Homebridge to integrate the bulbs with HomeKit quite successfully.


Have you installed the August yet? The only one I have seen, tended to sometimes get “stuck” ,when locking. Not sure what the cause was.


Installed on the weekend, working fine. I spent a small amount of time ensuring the door is perfectly aligned when closed so that there’s no resistance at all against the deadbolt - to avoid any issues with the motor being strained.


Very nice!! Whats the difference between the first and second generation lock? Seriously considering getting one, myself. $299USD though, ugh.

For myself, a FetchTV Mighty. Bought after I discovered that my old Topfield (which I had repaired after 4 years of sitting with a stuffed power supply) doesnt do HD video. Dunno what HD means in its model designation but there ya go. Have not subbed to any of the Fetch Channels but might next month.


Second Gen is HomeKit compatible and therefore doesn’t need the optional extra bridge for access away from home.

I paid less than that for mine - $199 USD - still an extravagance but I like gadgets :grin:


Aha! Thanks for the link :). I cant do it yet, but its something to consider as I get older. Being stuck in the house and unable to get to the door to let people in as needed, absolutely terrifies me. Something like this would go a long way to helping out. I’m not sure that this is the answer but its something to consider.