New purchases thread!


She. And yes I’m running RAID 0 so those are total speeds not individual SSD speeds.


Apologies :slight_smile:


So in theory the max copy speed would be limited to the SATA 3 speed?


RAID ZERO means the copy speed is the combined speeds of the array members.


In the real world though for things that matter in terms of percieved performance (e.g. boot up speed, application loading time etc), is there any benefit?


Boot times would be lower, application loading times lower, and it would make a great difference if you were using the RAID0 array as a scratch disk for photoshop etc.


Video editing is my intended application.


If I didn’t use my optical drive I’d be tempted!


One of these would fix that they work very well


I’ve been looking around for a cheap, low kilometres 2nd hand car for a 2nd car as my main vehicle is a large dual cab ute which is hard to park in town and heavy on fuel and unsuitable for teaching my daughter to drive. I need the ute so a smaller main vehicle isn’t an option.

Yesterday I bought a 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage with under 30,000 kilometres on it and about 2 years of warranty left for $6800 (which is crazy cheap for a 3 year old car with that usage and warranty left). The only issue is one of the plastic fog light covers is missing but that’s easy to fix.

Not the most exciting vehicle to drive but it be ok for the purpose I’m buying it. The dealer is fitting new tyres and getting the RWC done, it’ll be ready for pick up later this week.


That’s an awesome deal no doubt about it :+1:


I’ve actually spent the last 6 months without an internal optical drive and I have a slimline external drive, and it’s driven me batty. What is basically my poor organisation and not having enough time to go to the geraniums bar has actually been a good exercise in seeing whether I need an internal optical drive, and the answer is still a yes. My Mac is also still in warranty till July next year so I’ll re think then :stuck_out_tongue:


To be clear, I still have AppleCare until March 2018, and I pulled out my optical drive quite some time ago. And before that, I had put in an SSD. If you remember, I had my battery replaced under AppleCare not too long ago, and they kept my MacBook overnight. Not a word was said. AppleCare may be denied in the case of faulty user installations, but my installations were not faulty. Also, today, I went in to have my A and E keycaps replaced. No issue:


Mirage is great car for what you need. Price was nice. Approved.


To go with my new 8 Plus I bought a fancy screen protector that’s supposed to be near indestructible and a Tech21 case that’s not quite as slim line at the old Apple Leather case but does feel like it offers a little more protection…

I hate both… although mostly the screen protector.

The Tech21 case is OK, a little more chunky than the old leather one I had on my 6 Plus which makes the buttons a little more recessed, but the thing that bothers me the most is the bit around the lightning port. It has to be open to give access to the port (and the speakers) which means it’s quite thin there, which also means it stretches a little which makes it feel all… I don’t know… crappy. I could maybe get used to this.

The screen protector is made of magic in its protective qualities (or so I’m told and the guy pounding away on his own phone showing how tough it gives a lot of confidence, however, it only just covers the screen meaning there is that mm or so of bezel gap before the sides round off.

This means the sharp edge of the screen protector is right there and given all the swipy gestures I’m rubbing against it on all four edges and I hate it. I’ve seen other phones with protectors that are designed to work with a case and go all the way to the edge (or the case designed comes across to hide the gap) but this really isn’t the case.

I’m sure it’s very good at what it does, but the only reason I haven’t ripped it off yet is the $45 price tag… although I’m about ready to just call it a $45 lesson on why I hate screen protectors.

Then there is the $45 lesson on why I hate this case… although maybe I can return that lesson (or sell it off) and go back to the Apple case (or maybe even no case… the 8 feels very very nice in the hand).


Oh, I also bought some AirPods. I’m still a little undecided given the lack of isolation from the outside world compared to my old ones.

Bottom line, I’m a grumpy old man and I don’t like change :stuck_out_tongue:


Another one has joined the cause! :stuck_out_tongue: , perhaps there is room for a “grumpy old bugger” support group after all?


New house demands new stuff! Especially since I sold all the stuff from the old rental when we moved out!

LG 65" 4K HDR. It’s big.

LG SJ5 Sound Bar. It’s loud.

Leather armchair. It’s brown.

12 PM1

Corner couch. It’s comfy.

14 PM

Coffee table. It’s transparent.

15 PM

Miele washing machine and dryer. They’re efficiently German.

15 PM1

16 PM2

And with the addition of the house I’m now broke for the next 30 years.


I’m saving for a tiny house in rural Japan. Enjoy your mortgage. :expressionless:


Especially depressing when you find out the root of the word is Death Pact. It came from the idea that you made this pact where both parties knew that there was no way the debtor would clear the debt in their lifetime, so the agreement was the assets all went to the creditor after death. Lovely.


I feel so much better having recently taken out a new mortgage to buy our current place :anguished: