New purchases thread!


did you just use carbon copy cloner? I was thinking of doing a similar thing with my foxtel iq2


Negative. Some more advanced, since TiVo is not just data. Contains an OS and other unique file systems.

EDIT: It’s not difficult, but you need a PC with 2 sata ports and some additional software. Which can be obtained without much issue.


Just got a new 15" Macbook Pro (high end model) with 16GB and 512GB drive


This isn’t really a purchase exactly but I think it still counts. Last night I traded my late 2008 13" MacBook and a Casio G-Shock watch I won for a late 2011 15" MacBook Pro.

The difference is amazing, and the screen seems enormous after using the 13" screen for so long.

Only thing is the backlit keys don’t seem to be working, hoping that’s just some sort of software issue.


Picked up some new work clothes (including shoes). But also treated myself to a new messenger bag and wallet.

I have two aims. Get my clients to take me a little more seriously and look as least like a scruffy IT guy as possible.


Ordered another WD Green 2TB, to do another TiVo Series3 internal drive swap/upgrade.


Took 10 months, but my underwater housing for an atomos shogun arrived today. I can now record 4K 10 bit 422 video from my panasonic GH4 :smile:


Copy of Bob Brown’s book Optimism to get signed at his new book launch tomorrow night. I can’t wait.


Bought a Sony 256GB USB 3.0 SSD. It’s amazing how small these things have become


Technology is a fascinating thing.


Yeah. You can get 500GB micro-SD cards now which is ludicrous. I know there is a big performance difference between the memory in cards/usb sticks and SSD’s, but having the capability to extend your hard drive by 500GB with a card the size of your fingernail is ludicrous


Look what turned up today!


Collected an iPad Pro and Pencil on Friday. Loving the pencil, it’s incredible



House of Marley Chant bluetooth speaker.


Awesome kit this one!


Oooooo…what do you think of it so far?


Hmmm ok I’ll give you the CliffsNotes version of a review :wink:

Construction quality -: Excellent, the bamboo facing gives the device a quality feel, the cover is made of reclaimed hemp, organic cotten and recycled plastic bottles but if feels like a quality heavy duty fabric. The base is plastic but is of a type that’s fully recyclable and feels very solid.

Packaging -: Mostly brown card (it appears unbleached) and sturdy but otherwise unremarkable. There is a thin plastic bag that encloses the chant inside it’s cover inside the box which seems un-needed and not particularly eco-friendly.

Charity donation -: It is stated that Marley products support but details are scarce on the packaging and I didn’t chase this further.

Bluetooth -: The unit paired easily with my iPhone 6, just slide the switch from the off past the centre on to the left against a spring detent and hold and the chant appears on my phones bluetooth list, click connect and that’s it. Switching the chant on or off and the phone on or off leads to a delay of a couple of seconds before the chant reconnects. Bluetooth sensitivity seems good, I was able to walk 3 rooms away from the chant sitting on my desk and the link stayed connected.

Audio Volume -: Fairly loud for a small(ish) battery powered bluetooth speaker, not as loud as my UE Boom (but the chant is lighter, cheaper and easier to carry around).

Audio Quality -: Clear on mid range vocals, a little lacking on higher frequencies and without much bass, again the UE Boom does better here but it’s too heavy to clip to a back pack.

My rating?

Very Good - 4 out of 5 stars.


It’s a love/hate relationship. I’m finding it very difficult to understand the control mapping and even when I download profiles from the community I’m finding it hard to understand what they are actually doing. I wish there was a video tutorial that walked you through it all, and I wish I could create controller profiles from my PC without having to be in big picture mode. It’s very hard for me to work it all out.

That aside, when a game natively supports a gamepad or someone has created a good controller profile it works very well. I really like the right touch pad in place of a thumb stick because I can do turns much faster. A lot of people are getting more accurate shooting too using the gyroscope, but I haven’t tried that yet.

One problem I’ve run into is my monitor is 16:10 and my TV is 16:9 so for every game I have to change the resolution. For games like Shadow of Mordor though I can’t change the resolution because of their dumb system so I’m stuck with black bars around the whole image.

I’m also finding that in some games the mouse cursor won’t go away when I’m using a gamepad, and I can’t move it. Right in the middle of the screen.

So yeah, I really like it but it has a lot of work to do. This isn’t something a console gamer could buy and easily use, it’s definitely one for the PC master race who know how all these fiddly things work.


Bought a Garmin VivoSmart and a Fitbit Charge HR (for the close friend). Garmin Connect App is shockingly crap! :open_mouth: