New purchases thread!


The Lightning>3.5mm TRRS dongle that came with my iPhone 8 was tolerable for about 2 days. EarPods are not at all tolerable, they don’t fit in my ears.
So, with AirPods also being a non-starter, I bought myself some Beats X headphones.


The best of the available options I think.


You should start a thread telling me how good they are for when I return these AirPods to the Apple store within the two week period :stuck_out_tongue:

The AirPods are OK and don’t seem to fall out, I’m just crying out for a little more noise isolation (or at least I think I am, I’m testing them out for the two weeks first). They are very small though, very nice to use :smiley:


I have the Bose QC30 but I’m tempted to dump them. The collar moves around too much on your neck so I’m now stuck where don’t like over ear headphones, find the collar moves on the in ear, and I like EarPods but don’t like the lack of noise cancelling.


One of my favourite features so far? The buds click together magnetically so they don’t fall off easily.


That’s good to know they did that. I’ve got about 6 month left on my Apple Care, and my S and E keys are wearing out… I’ll take it in. :slight_smile:


Since I’ve retired I no longer have the use of the work single cab tray ute and my dual cab ute is set up for camping and has pull out dual drawers and a fridge in the back so not a lot of space left.

And I have to cart a surprising amount of random stuff around I’ve discovered since I retired.

(And no I won’t be towing it behind the Mirage, just the Triton dual cab).



They won’t if the keys look evenly worn, but if the difference is massively stark, they will.


I got tired of missing out on the cheaper deals that seem to sell out in minutes, so I grabbed this bundle from Big W.


My new Samsung S8+.

The first non-Apple smart phone I’ve ever owned.I know, blasphemy, but I am near the end of my contract on the iPhone 6S with Softbank (I’ve had them since 2008), and I was able to negotiate with AU to drop my bill by $40/mo even WITH the cost of the Galaxy S8+. I could only get Docomo down about $10/mo, even though I told them I was switching and pitting the carriers against each other. And AU really wanted me as a customer, they added on an addition 3GB/mo data only SIM card for my iPhone 6s, AND gave me $50 worth of JCB cashier’s checks (so, in Japan, basically spend like cash). Cutthroat competition by AU. As it should be.


Picked up a 2017 MacBook Pro from the refurb store for $450 off the new price.

Refurb MacBook Pro 2017

Very nice unit.

Did toss up if I wanted the Touch Bar or not but figured might as well given i was getting the current spec at a good price.

Should add I also grabbed one of these bad boys to carry around Cygnett Charge Up Pro 20K PD. Means I don’t have to carry the power brick around with me.

I have a couple of slim form bags I use where the brick is an issue.

These can when fully charged recharge a MacBook Pro in full and charge up to 10 iPhones. Means a couple of cables and this power pack is all I need to to carry day to day.


Picked up a new Fujifilm X-E3


Bought a House

Bought a watch

On my way to buy some bedsheets and a rug. Woo


Bought a car (Mazda CX-5 Akera Turbo Diesel)



Not a brand new tech purchase, but a tech purchase none the less.

Picked up a Nintendo 64 control deck (Grey) with cables and a standard grey controller, a boxed black controller, Memory Expansion Pak, and excellent condition copies of Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Super Mario 64, Mischief Makers and Blast Corps. In addition to the current collection of N64 hardware I have owned since new (1997), it’s starting to add up.


Amazing house mate!


Order a couple more lenses including a 16 f/1.4, 23 f/1.4, 56 f/1.2 and 100-400. Should be arriving Friday. Taking advantage of Fuji’s cash back special


Decided to pull the plug and purchase the iPhone 8 instead. Settled with Space Grey 256GB, miss the black front. Demoted my SE as a backup phone & iPod when exercising. Love the bigger screen when driving and the black front is less distracting for me, i can see my maps clearly now! :joy:


since you’ve had these for a while now, how are they, would you recommend them? I’m so over wired headphones, getting caught on things nad pulling out of ear, looking for a wireless set. tossing up between these and the b&o h5, but hesitant to fork out $370+ for the b&o, unless the audio is that much better?


Very pleased with them, they’re not as bass-heavy as Beats headphones I’ve owned/used in the past.
Are they audiophile worthy? Hell no, but they sound pretty good and they’re comfortable for all-day use.