New purchases thread!


Not sure if there are any board gamers out there (I just got into the hobby), but here are my latest purchases.


I am a keen board gamer but it turns out you need friends to play most games, so I’m pretty much stuffed :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought a Waeco Deep Cycle battery pack to use when I’m camping.


I’ll play with you! I don’t get to play board games with others that often either (I mainly play with my daughter), and I selected these games on the basis that they are all fine for solo play.


Because of the issues I was having with my 2011 MBP I took advantage of a 20% off coupon at the Myer eBay store and bought myself a base model 2017 13" MacBook Pro:

I also grabbed a Satechi dock for when I need ports:


That dock is great! What’d it set you back?

I have a Moshi USB-C dongle that is basically the same as the Apple one, with HDMI/USB-C/USB on it. Only reason I like it more than the Apple on is the cable to connect to the Mac can be folded away when it’s out of use. But that Satachi one looks excellent! Are the USB-C plugs retractable? That’d make it almost perfect.


$139.95 from Mac Addict (free shipping). They gave me a 5% off coupon valid until 22 November if you want it to buy this a little cheaper.

No, but I agree the would be a nice thing to have.


Lots of things but mostly this old Giant roadbike frame, then I added SRAM double tap shifters, a SRAM Rival groupset and SRAM Apex derailleur. I’m also going to add a Thomson Elite seatpost this weekend. It’s pretty much 95% built.


My new purchase isn’t as grand as everyone else’s is but I bought my first brand new iPhone. It’s an SE and after coming from a 5.2" android to a 4" iPhone, it was a bit of a culture shock. Now that I’m used to the size it’s a lot easier to handle with one hand and fits into a pocket much easier too.
I’m loving it :grinning:


I love my SE too! Still think the 5/5S/SE the best bit of industrial design to come out of Apple in recent years. It is a perfect size and shape.


Hahah I’d like to see that. [quote=“soulman, post:413, topic:594”]
I love my SE too! Still think the 5/5S/SE the best bit of industrial design to come out of Apple in recent years. It is a perfect size and shape.

+1 I love the SE.


Decided to purchase a Lifetime Plex Pass, Normally $199.99 AUD it’s been on sale for $159.99 AUD for a few months couldn’t resist the extra savings from the offer they have been sending out to long time users which allowed me to purchase it for $99.99 AUD.


Nice one! I hold on hope. I’m not paying full price when I know it goes for $99


Grabbed the Playstation VR deal from Gamesmen with the 20% off coupon.


I just bought a licence for Luminar 2018. Digital asset management is coming this year.


You inspired me. I just bought it from Harvey Norman and used a $100 off on $400 spend credit I had on my Amex card. $304.95 delivered!


Somehow in the last fortnight I’ve ended up with a PS4 Pro, a series 3 Apple Watch, and an iPhone X.

Oh and Star Wars Battlefront 2, which was an unfortunate spend as it’s a completely shite game.


I was so disappointed with Star Wars Battlefront 1. I was promised single player mode that never eventuated. :frowning:


The single player campaign in 2 is pathetic. Compared to games like Uncharted or Horizon, or even Tomb Raider etc, which granted are built from the ground up as single player, it’s just crap. The way it moves between gameplay and cut scene feels like a game from 2010 with the cutscene being pre-rendered video instead of the modern standard of in-game engine. The HDR is buggy as hell and flickers all the time on my TV - no other games do that to me. The combat is bloody boring. No cover mechanic, no changing weapons, upgrades are ridiculously complicated and give you bugger all that you actually want or need.

Aside from ALL that the campaign story itself is a big fat MEH. The main character flip flops so much that it’s almost like they’re trying to trick the player into thinking they’re in a story when all along they’re just playing multiplayer vs bots with some cutscenes in-between.


I bought one of these to play with because it was cheap and looked interesting. What’s more is I found another interesting place to buy cheap gadgets which might not end well…