New purchases thread!


Lease on my corolla ends this year.
We live on an 8 acre bush block so a Ute would be handy.

I’m toying with the idea of a Ford Ranger.
I drive 750km to work a week, Dandenong Ranges to Melbourne CBD.

Not sure how it would be driving in city traffic every day.

Looking at Amarok and the new Hilux models.

On the other hand for the same money I can get an Audi S3, used Audi RS3 or a BMW M140i which I think would be more practical daily drivers. Choices, choices, choices.

Wife has a 2017 Holden Commodore SSV Redline which we use for towing duties, so not sure how much more useful a Ute will be.


Some old technology.

Found this Sony SLV-EZ77 6-Head Hi-Fi VCR advertised for $20, and within walking distance from my house too. I’ve since converted my movies to digital storage, but I’ve wanted to run a 1990s-theme movie evening, entirely from the original cassettes for effect. Picked up some animated Disney / Pixar flicks on VHS at the same time. Also looking into exporting video from the Mac to make some custom cassettes from newer source material, for no other reason than to see if I can.

Also bought this:

120MHz of Pentium powered Windows 95 awesome, a Toshiba Satellite 210CS. For running older MS-DOS, Windows 3.1 and 95 applications, games and whatever else.


Picked up a Kindle Paperwhite recently and a Garmin Forerunner 235 to get back into running!


Zhiyun Crane Plus

Godox 64 LED video light

Q999S tripod that also converts to a monopod


Bought myself some AirPods. I didn’t realise until this week that they could auto switch between supported devices logged into the same iCloud account. If I’d had known that I’d have bought them at launch


That’s my first laptop right there! What a blast from the past! I loved that thing… remember watching South Park episodes on it in tiny RealVideo files lol


Can’t wait until they add this to Apple TV. Seems like a glaring overight. I use them with Apple TV just as regular bluetooth headphones all the time.


Oh that hasn’t happened yet? From what I read it was supposed to be implemented in tvOS 11


Can relate to this… but decided to give it a go… Besides which when you want something for a long time and don’t itch it. It can sometimes continue to annoy you for a long time. I didn’t want to have regrets about this so just got the ute I wanted.


They’re integrated as far as I’m aware, I’ve used them a bunch. They automatically show up as an audio source in the middle of watching something I can just switch back and forth.


Finally installed new Yamaha YAS-107 soundbar for my TV. So much better than tiny TV speakers. Main reason for upgrade is the clear voice function. So dialogue/speech is boosted. Great value. Very happy.


They are awesome, and the bluetooth connection is stable. Like the AppleWatch connection, compared to other devices.


Found 8GB of RAM for my Mac Pro 3,1. :+1: Brings me up to 18 total from the 10 I had. Good stuff.

…but my Radeon 2600 XT literally sparked, the fan failed, and now it will only run super hot, making it useless, so unless I desperately need my Apple boot screen, I’ll leave it out.


Picked up an Acer 27" 4K display, the S277HK, new without box (all the packaging and cables were still unopened, just no box) for about $320 AU. Quite the deal. Haven’t had time to put it through its paces yet, but the price was DEFINITELY right and I liked that the aluminum finish and base matches my 3,1 Mac Pro. I find to actually read it, even relatively close to my face, I can’t actually use 2160p, I have to use 1440p. It’s not the monitor, it’s my eyes! I can definitely see the difference between 1440p and 2160p video, however, when I play both (even if my operating resolution is 1440p).


16GB of ram for my Mid 2012 MacBook Pro :smiley: Courtesy of @Leon :slight_smile:



Interesting connector panel. I like it better than the ones that are under the bezel or on the low back. Means you can keep the cables well hidden.


Thats very very cheap!! I’d like a higher resolution display for my Mid 2012 MacBook Pro, but I’m unsure what resolutions and at what frame rates it can push out.


Bought a new AEG 8KG Front Loader washer. Without realising our old one had not been heating for ages. A consequent social media post to Electrolux netted us a $390 credit towards the new machine, meaning it only cost about $800.

Also, bought an Echo Dot. but took it back two days later, as apart from being able to say “Computer” instead of “Alexa”, she was just frustrating and annoying to use. Google home is still far superior.


You’re not wrong there. I HATE the connector panel on my Dell U2410, cant reach things by feel, cant get under it to see connections and am constantly frustrated by it. I’m going to flog it off and get a new monitor.


I was contemplating a google home or home mini, just because I love new tech and am unimpressed with the cost of Homepod. Hoping you will explain your setup in that other thread, or perhaps make a new thread for those of us interested.