New purchases thread!


Picked up my truck on weekend. Thought I better come back and post a picture.

Funny thing… my wife loves it. She likes the fact its a bit higher then her SUV… I think she also likes driving manual again (as her car is an automatic only - was no manual option available for it).


That’s a nice ranger. Wish they would bring it back to the American market. I don’t like F-150s.


Thank you. It’s nice to drive. I’ve never owned a 4x4 before, let alone a ute. It’s getting a window tint next Monday. Hope to have plenty of nice motoring in this thing for years to come. Perhaps even a few mods added.


New Fujifilm X-H1 arriving tomorrow with battery grip


Well, not purchased today, but it arrived. The hardware feels nice and solid and it’s pretty quick (are we allowed to say snappy about non-Apple devices?). I’m not too enamoured with Android so far, but I really purchased this to have a palm sized Linux computer to muck around with. It also appears that SailFishOS is available on it, so I’ll be giving that a go to get a feel of where Nokia could have been had they avoided the “Elopalypse”.



This joined our household during the week.

195 bottle capacity - means the 35 bottle Vintec I already had becomes our “drink now” cabinet, and this Leibherr cabinet will hold our longer term bottles.


And here was me thinking it was some kind of server rack… I am such a geek!


Bought a new pair of running shoes, On Running Cloud X. First 5k run on the treadmill yesterday did not disappoint :grinning:


Was going to say when I saw that - first reaction was “Like a new 9000 communicator!”. :slight_smile:


It’ll be serving me wine, so I guess it kind of is!


the Yanks are set to get it again in the next year or so with one engine: a revised 2.3L EcoBoost related to the units in the focus RS and Mustang, though the styling is also a little different, 10 Speed Auto across the range. i’d think it likely that the Ranger Raptor would bow over there in (2.7L V6 EcoBoost/same auto) next year. FoMoCo


A Sony Trinitron PVM-14L2 CRT Broadcast Monitor.

As the Nintendo 64 was developed when CRTs were commonplace, it depends on the unique characteristics of CRT displays to produce a good looking picture. The technology masked the imperfections. Modern LCD TVs use a software upscaler to resize the 240p input signal to 720/1080p and enhance the image, which is fine for motion video, but it does unusual things to console video input.

You can modify the Nintendo 64 motherboard for RGB or HDMI output with expensive and hard-to-source kits, with some soldering and cutting required, then connect it through a hardware upscaler and video converter…

… Or connect a CRT. And it looks incredible. Unfortunately it’s difficult to take an accurate picture of a CRT because of that whole electron gun refresh rate shtick.


Sweet! Are you a gamer? Do you watch Metal Jesus Rocks on YouTube? He’s big on retro gaming and he’s reviewed a fair few upscalers.

If you have a PS4 or a Switch hit me up!


Nothing beats a CRT.
I have a Sony KVHR32M31 sitting here at home. Sadly once of the ICs in it is flaky, so it will power on sometimes, yet others I get the 10 flashes of death power light.
The thing weighs so much that it is really cumbersome. I’ve owned it since new and have dragged it with me from house to house. Haven’t used it in 5 years and am thinking that it should really go to someone who can repair/love it as I have, or it will go to eWaste.
It looks like an easy fix, but I don’t have the patience or soldering skills to repair it.
I used to plug my NES, SNES and GameCube into it. They looked phenomenal. Only problem was that it is a 100Hz CRT, so the NES light gun wouldn’t work as the refresh rates were not what it was expecting.

Here is its bigger brother for those interested in these TVs.


I’ve looked over some of his videos, loved the Nintendo 64DD USA Prototype stuff he covered for a while. Wouldn’t consider myself a gamer as such, considering my newest console is the Nintendo 64, but I do have a “New” Nintendo 2DS that I’ve been replaying The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on if that counts.

@leon - Those Sony widescreen HD CRTs were nice, with a brilliant picture from what I hear, but so damn heavy that it makes owning and using them rather cumbersome. I’ve been offered a couple in recent times, but ultimately ended up passing on them for that reason.

I did some across another CRT TV today though, and only one street over too. It’s a Fujitsu General FGS251 (BS-950 CRT Chassis), manufactured in Italy. It supports SCART RGB input, and for a consumer television the picture quality is brilliant. The CRT itself is in great shape with no colour, brightness, contrast, geometry or convergence issues to be seen. The speakers sound incredible, with great dynamic range from four separate drivers. The cabinet is a wood construction with plastic trim, and while the plastics feel somewhat cheap, they’re certainly not the worst I’ve come across.

And it came with a neat matching TV cabinet too. Finally, my Nintendo 64 no longer lives in a box.

I have no idea what year it was built, there are no date stamps anywhere on the TV or documentation, and there’s no information out there online. If I remove the cover at some point I’ll probably find a date stamp on the tube itself. Based on appearances though, I suspect somewhere around the early to mid 1990s. (UPDATE: Turns out this model was released in 1989.)

The previous owner even kept the original manuals and books with it, including something that no modern TV would ever come with - full detailed schematics for the CRT chassis and tuner! (Full resolution here.)



was at my local Goodguys again today and picked up the thunderbolt display for $399, New old stock. get home see if it works with current laptop. No. it’s pre thunderbolt so i bought what is effectively a $399 charger.

well, either i return it, no harm no foul or i sell it on forums or gumtree and try to make a profit.


27" Thunderbolt Display? They still sell for very good money. $399 is a total bargain!


Said goodbye to my 6S tonight. Gone to the dark side for a while. The camera on the Pixel 2 XL is simply incredible, the screen is awesome. I’m afraid I don’t hate android and the main thing I miss from iOS is iMessage. It’s exactly the same size as a 6/7/8 Plus but the screen is obviously bigger because the button is on the back. And my AirPods work beautifully as well :). Still got an iPad Pro so a foot in both camps.


I’ll buy it off you! :slight_smile: Where are you located?


:open_mouth: I couldn’t imagine not having iMessage or iCloud Photo Library. :man_shrugging: