New purchases thread!


We don’t seem to use it much now… although when smash bros comes out that might change I guess.


Adopted a kitten, picking her up on the 13th once she is 8 weeks old! Biggest “purchase” ever in my life :grimacing:

I think i can update my avatar now to my kitten instead of some internet random :joy:


I’d love one (as would my wife) but need to play with one for a while first to confirm that we’d like the controllers etc.


There’s some good YouTube review videos going into all the controller layout and form factor options for the Switch. They’re very configurable.


Breathed some new life in to my mid 2012 15" MacBook Pro by adding a new 27" (2560 x 1440) monitor to it, should give me another year or two out of it with any luck - which will give me time to save up for a new machine



I also built a Windows PC a month or so ago, Ryzen 3 2200G. So much fun putting it together. Also re-acquainting myself with Windows 10. Actually really enjoying using it.

Also I just ordered a Ticwatch Express to go with my Pixel 2 XL, more out of curiousity really. Main reason to get it is to use Google Assistant on my wrist.


Pretty awesome CPU’s these I think. Plays Fortnite pretty awesome too.


Where did you adopt her? We’re looking to do the same


Friend’s wife’s boss! I am not sure if she’s got any more kittens available, but I can ask her if you’re interested? I believe only 2 boys were left a couple of weeks ago, mine is a girl.


There was a sale at a local tech company over the weekend so I grabbed a nice 10000mAh external battery, which has he cool feature of having Qi charting built into it! Also picked up the Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds and they are AWESOME!


I bought an IS200


Very nice. Altezza?


They’re all the same base car. Altezza RS200, Lexus IS200 and IS300. The difference is that the RS200 uses a highly strung 4cylinder engine that maks 200hp and revs out to 10000rpm.

The IS200 is a 2litre inline 6 like a BMW 320i really and the IS300 is like a BMW 330i. It’s the same thing Ford were doing with their XR6 until they closed up shop last year also but instead of a 4litre its a 2. They sort of have the lines of a mids 90s Mercedes SL but they’re not as much hassle as a Mercedes. They’re more reliable and cheaper on parts.

They’re great, fun cars really. With the 2litre 6 it’s not particularly quick, but they go around corners like they’re glued to the road which is about as much as you can expect in Australia with our archaic speed limits.


My Ford Ranger is going pretty well… only just got to 7500km so far. Guess I need to drive more. Meanwhile found a good spot to take a photo. Will be going back to capture this photo again with a DSLR - as the camera phone not so good in low light - as expected. Hope it turns out good.

Might need to wait for a evening I have spare time and after its been washed again.


Okay take 2 at the photo…