New purchases thread!


LOL! I’d say so, also. It worked out at about $2 off per globe, for me. Not a massive discount but enough to make it worth buying from them rather than anywhere else. I see Apple sells them now, too.

Its taken me a few weeks, but I have finally worked out how to get Homekit to let me turn the lights off or on from outside the network. AppleTV has become the hub.

[edit] got a notification from Auspost (on a sunday??) earlier that my globes will come tomorrow. Except, now I cannot find it.


Driving? HERE? You’re mad. I can barely cross the street, let alone drive.


haha, I love it! Been there heaps of times - needless to say I’ve only driven in Da Nang and Hue, which are nothing compared to Saigon!


A 2TB Samsung Evo 860 for my MacBook Pro. Have been very happy with the 1TB 850 Evo for the last three years, but it was too small!


Very nice. I see myself being Toyota for life, but if I ever had the money it would be a Lexus :slight_smile:


They’re pretty much a Toyota. After driving a Honda for the last 7 or 8 years I wanted to go back to driving a Toyota. This is pretty much one of my dream cars. They’ve become so cheap now pretty much anyone with some sort of job security can own one.

They’re designed by the same engineer that designed the AE86 and the new Toyota 86 so they’re a fun car that goes around corners stuck on the road like its glued there. The inline 6 2litre is about as refined as it comes and it has all the bells and whistles you would expect of any modern car… Traction control, snow mode, fog lights, electronic security (theft proof electronic key coded to the car/ECU), 6 speaker JBL stereo system, drivers, passengers and side curtain airbags, fully automatic climate control, internal light dimmers, 5 star ANCAP rating.

Basically everything you would expect in today’s car 20years ago. But I bought it simply because it was one of the most fun somewhat modern cars you can buy that still stands out as a timeless design 20 years later.


Would love one. Perhaps might buy a bigger SSD myself :wink:


I got a good 25 percent off deal which is why I jumped! Plus I needed another SSD for another laptop so the old one fulfils that :slight_smile:


Yeah, they are a nice car! Lexus are underrated imho.

I’m waiting for the sedan version of the new Corolla to come out (probably late 2019), And then for it to be two or so years old so it’s on the used market to upgrade my 2010 Corolla - so probably 2021 or so.


Corollas are pretty much the most reliable cars in the world. They make some fun ones also. I’m loving my Lex but I’ve been realising I probably should have gotten something more boring. I went out for a cruise tonight, and I’m just realising I’m wasting petrol because it’s so much fun to drive.


Thus why I have one. I love my Corolla, mine isn’t really one of the fun ones in the traditional sense but I find it enjoyable to drive. Looking forward to the next gen ones with the new engine and much improved CVT.


Apparently the CVT can be a bit weird. Its a bit like a rubber band car. You wind it up and then the acceleration happen shortly afterwards. You might like it though…


Tge reason I’m waiting for the new Corolla is that the current gen, while pretty nice, have a CVT that I don’t like. The 2018 model has a ‘launch gear’ which is a standard first gear that takes away the elastic band feeling, at least the reviews say it does! I just prefer the acceleration in a standard auto so hopefully it will be a nicer transmission for me.


yeah, I don’t understand why japanese car makers love the CVT. Screamy little buggers.
I don’t think there has been a great corolla though since ether SX models in the early nineties. heck they would race at bathurst! The new model coming out soon looks like it could be a return to greatness.


The standard auto in the IS200 is as smooth as it comes. The 5speed is even better. I don’t really know. I think automatic gearboxes are becoming too complex. What I can say is you should avoid the European DSG gearbox in the Audi/VW/Ford. They’re a clutchless manual which is cool, but to actually service the thing will cost you over $2000. I see late model DSG cars that people can’t give away because the gearbox needs to be serviced.

I’ve also seen my fare share of auto boxes in modern cars that are supposedly “sealed for life.” If you see that stamp on any gearbox then just walk away. In essence it means if it hasn’t been serviced it will blow up by 150thousand kilometers. Most haven’t been so they’re a mishap waiting to happen.

That’s another reason why I bought the IS. The 4speed is a Toyota box and the 5speed is one of the most reliable Aisin Warner boxes ever made. I’ve seen ISs going strong now with 400thousand on the clock. You can’t kill them.


Some bits and pieces. Thermal paste for the MBW, an old new stock mini-dvi to dvi for the MacBooks Black and White, a full special tool set, an audio mini phono extension connector (my Bose speakers barely reach the Mac Pro when put around my 4K monitor), and a USB 3.0 PCIe card that’s intend for my union’s HP z400, but to be tested in my Mac Pro.


Purchased some LED strips, barrel connectors, switches and wiring. Saw this idea of backlighting a TV to create a soft border around it in a dark room, and really liked the effect. Took around half an hour to wire in and solder on the barrel connectors, attach the mounting brackets and snap it into place.

Still fine adjusting the brightness levels but the soft glow looks great, it complements the bedroom lamps and the soft transition makes the TV much easier on the eyes when watching at night.

Also purchased this Pokémon Special Edition Game Boy Color last weekend. I had one around '99 or 2000, and played it almost constantly as a kid. I’ve replaced the save batteries in the games and have since been replaying Pokémon Yellow again.


A prezzie for my LX100

And a prezzie for my iDevices


And another bag


Upgraded my 2015 ix35 Limited to a 2018 Kona Elite! Just waiting for it to arrive, hopefully next week. Looking forward to having CarPlay finally (and Android Auto for the days where I use my S9+). The colour is called “Dark Knight”. That may or may not have been the thing that decided it for me…