New purchases thread!


Been eyeing one of these off myself :+1:


Bought a pair of these this week… very impressed with the sound and comfort. A real shame Oppo is no longer making them… is where I bought them from.



Inspired by your bias lighting setup I decided to do the same here, with a LIFX Z strip light to integrate with the rest of my LIFX lights.

I designed and 3D printed some brackets to fit 12x3mm aluminium bar and stuck the LEDs to that, then mounted that to the back of the TV. (Ignore the visible wiring, I recently reconfigured my setup and haven’t hidden it yet)


Very clean setup, nice even glow as well. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Still haven’t cleaned up the wiring on mine either, and mine’s activated by an in-line switch - no wireless connectivity here, or at least not yet.


Very nice. I’ll be adding a Hue LightStrip soon to my lounge TV. There’s not enough lighting on that side of the room so the bias will help a lot I reckon.

Picked this up today to upgrade my Plex/file server. It’s been on its last legs for a long time so today was the day. I’ll be changing from Windows Server 2016 running Storage Spaces, to UnRaid running some service containers and an array of around 40TB, 8TB parity, and 1TB SSD Cache. 4K H.265 here we go!


Nice! Love my unRAID box, but I only have 6TB of storage and haven’t got any 4K content…


unRAID is great.


Picked this up on Monday, been having a blast so far. Took advantage of DJI’s fathers day promo of a free battery :smiley: .

Any other drone flyers on here?

Drones Drones Drones

Nice - tempted myself.


I have a DJI Spark Fly More combo, not as nice as your DJI Mavic AIR but it’s fun.


Just ordered one of these yesterday and it shipped today, so I should have it monday…


Picked up today Kingston UV400 480GB SSD and a Mikrotik mAP-Lite (for travelling with so our tablets can be on a 2.4Ghz wifi network with a laptop for loading new watching material onto the tablets over wifi).


Yeah, I reckon these are the sweet spot between image quality and portability. I find the full-size Mavic/Mavic 2 too large to be super portable for when I go off the beaten track.

So much fun to fly as well.


I had a Parrot 2.0 drone when they first came out. I justified it on the basis that I could use it to check our second storey roof gutters to see if they needed cleaning. Unfortunately, the high res foward facing camera could not be easily used to look down into the gutters. You could not look down without moving forward quickly. The very low res downward facing camera was a waste of time.

I suspect that this use case is still viable with a drone where the camera can be tilted down when required, ideally when stationary (hovering) a short distance above the roof.

Other problems include:

  • Any wind seems amplified just above the roof creating stability and control issues
  • If the drone goes out of sight above the roof then communication can be lost

Is there a drone out there that could do this task?


I’ve got a Zagg keyboard case coming for my ipad Mini 4. Should arrive tomorrow. I hate onscreen keyboards.

[edit 3/9] And here it is. a shot in the dark. backlit keyboard. nice. I like the clamshell design. I usually get Logitech but the last one I had for my Mini 1 just wouldnt fit and I dont much like the current crop.


I bought a Weber Family Q last week. I’m very pleased with this purchase and so is my stomach! I opted for the Family Q because I plan to roast in it so the larger size will come in handy for that.

I’m thinking of trying to bake bread in it this weekend!


1x ElevationLabs Cord Dock
1x TwelveSouth Compass (the original and better one)


Couldn’t help myself 44mm space black apple watch ordered. delivery next friday. Series 3 40mm ss black for sale next saturday?


I decided to drop some cash and ordered an iPhone XS 256GB Gold