New purchases thread!


Olympus Pen OMD E-M1 + 12-50mm lens kit.


Managed to pick up my kit today. Went home for a nap with the intention of heading out for some sunset shots, realised I hadn’t put the battery on charge before having said nap.

Classic Angus.


Where, oh where did you get the TinTin boxset from/

I need that in my life!


Bookdepository. Been slowly getting through. So much nostalgia in that purchase.


Bowers & Wilkins P3 wired headphones to replace a set of worn out Pioneers. Tested a demo pair a couple of years ago and wanted them ever since.


Got a set of these via a mate in the US (as Amazon won’t ship them here) on clearance for $15 USD. Very, very good for the money - comfortable, stay put and amazing battery life (last charged them a week ago and they’re still at 70%).


I found myself in possession of a Surface Book. After a few days of using it I’m in love, and I totally understand where MS is going with Windows, finally. I hate Windows on a standard desktop or laptop, but on a touch device it makes total sense.


I was in the same boat as you. Initially I was sold on my Surface Pro when Windows 10 was on it, but when the peripheral issues start to occur, you start to realise how bad MS’s Quality control is on their own hardware and software. In principle, I like where they are going, but they are still Microsoft and they don’t seem to have learnt their lesson.

As an example, if you regularly plug into externals, it doesn’t remember your settings so you’re constantly changing your display settings.

A lot of these issues still haven’t been resolved, so my advise is if you plan to get one, make sure you can return it, but most of the issues really start to appear after 3-6 months of constant use so it’s difficult. We used to only issue Surface pro’s to our staff, we canned that after constant issues and we now go with other premium windows laptops.


Thanks yeah I’ve got a specific use case for this. My MacBook Pro is my main work device, and sits docked on my desk at work between two external monitors, with all the peripherals plugged into a thunderbolt dock. My Surface Book is for taking to meetings, note taking, presentations, other such remotey stuff.


Good stuff. I’m a little surprised they haven’t got things like the external displays right, particularly for a work machine that has a dock. The other issue we encountered is remote desktop scales to retina resolution with no option to change so you’re stuck with tiny icons.


Yeah I noticed that in MSTSC and RDCM but apparently it works fine in the Modern UI RDP app, haven’t tested yet but having a play later tonight.


I got a completely new SP3 with freshly installed everything and it seems more stable now. Would be interested to know about the SP4/SB.


Just picked up two new Apple TVs from Dick Smith while they were having their final day of liquidation at local store.

The Apple TV 4 64 GB came to $194.30 per unit at that price who could say no.


I’ve wanted to perform some logic board component level repairs for a while now. My 2009 MacBook Pro no longer powers on and my 2010 MacBook Pro has developed the dreaded intermittent black screen and loss of video issue. Both are relatively simple fixes but I needed a stronger, temperature controlled iron capable of working with lead-free solder.

Even one successful logic board repair and this unit will have already more than paid for itself. Time to practice on some scrap boards.


Just put in an order for the iPhone SE, picking it up later from my local Apple Store. Just in time to give my current iPhone 6 to my mother in law for Mother’s Day. Or if she wants the SE instead … :scream:


I recently bought myself one of these.


Picked up the Reb B Macbook in Space Grey, still getting used to the keyboard but there screen is truly awesome, and the weight is a massive bonus. I’ve got an i7 retina 15" that does the job better for video or whatever else is going on, but this feels a bit like a macbook duo of the future :slight_smile:


Lots of timber… in the middle of doing my backyard…

That’s my progress so far…

Trying to get it dog proof too by Monday, as we are getting a new dog on Saturday…

EDIT: Was a productive day. Took day off work to complete so more garden work. Managed to install a large amount of timber under the fence. Hoping I will have the retaining wall all done by the end of the weekend (and my shed all completed). Here is hoping weather holds out enough tomorrow to do more work.


Is this one of the 4GB versions from last year ? Noticed they are on sale at Officeworks as I assume Apple looks to clear their old stock


Will post pictures of our swim spa when it comes. Crane is going to lift it into position on 27th June :slight_smile: that’s a pretty significant purchase right :slight_smile: