New purchases thread!


Where’d you pick these up from? Been looking at the original compass for years. and that EL Dock looks the goods


Our good friends at Try and Byte


Just picked up a Raspberry Pi 3B+ to have a tinker with and HomeBridge.

Be interested to see what else it can do, I’ve been living under a rock when it comes to RPi stuff, just need to dust off my Linux commands - hopefully, they’re still in my brain somewhere


You don’t really need HomeBridge with Home Assistant, HA has a built in Homekit bridge component now -
edit also one can pass HomeKit devices back the other way to Home Assistant with

I’m currently only using devices which are both HomeKit and Amazon Echo compatible so have stopped using Home Assistant as I don’t need a kludge in the middle. It’s a pretty great bit of software though, with an excellent community behind it.




New dashcam. Old model but suits me.

Also new Philips Dreamstation Auto CPAP (well, not new, “gently used”). And now I am broke.


Good choice - the A119 is a great little dash cam!


Apple Watch S4, Space Grey with black band and LTE.

It’s so nice and quick compared to my S0!


Posted this elsewhere but got an amazing deal on a 256GB Iphone X from Officeworks, they price matched a very brief price of $1439 on Amazon so I got it for $1367. I was going to wait for the XR but very happy with it.


The A119’s great little units, we have two with the GPS base and CPL filters… although I think I still haven’t installed the second filter.


Decided to invest in some tools. If there’s one thing I don’t mind spending a little extra on, it’s tools, because nothing ruins a project in progress more than needing a tool you don’t have.

Aside from the typical screwdrivers, ratchets, extenders and metric sockets, I also purchased a Makita GA4030 4" Grinder with grinding and cutting discs, and a Makita HP1630K 710W 16mm Hammer Drill.

While I’m seriously enjoying the Makita tools, the best purchase of the weekend was undoubtedly the Fluke 179 True RMS multimeter. My $15 Jaycar special “Fruke” knockoff has worked well but lacks some functions I’ve wanted for troubleshooting Logic Boards and more complex circuits, like a temperature probe, auto-ranging and accurately measuring circuits that operate on non-sinusoidal waves like square or sawtooth.

When it comes to electronics I have some serious learning to do still, but a decent multimeter always comes in handy.

The reason it was the best purchase is because these retail for around $630 new including GST. This one is in excellent condition, came with the accessories, and was only $99 used. I’ve since disassembled it for cleaning and have confirmed it is a genuine unit. Pretty damn chuffed about this one.