New purchases thread!


Saw this in Woolies for $35…

Decided I’ve shelled out a fortune in lighting cables lately - this may well save money now we’ve moved from the iPhone 5S to 8 / 8 Plus… Though we’ll have to take turns.


Nice. I pretty much exclusively use Qi chargers now, except for when I’m using CarPlay. Although my car has Qi too, so if my wife is driving and using CarPlay I generally have my iPhone charging wirelessly there too!


Used the charger tonight - seemed to charge my phone pretty quickly; has a non-slip ring around the top of the charger to stop your phone slipping off. Now it’ll just be a matter of who has to use a cable when we both need to charge our phones at the same time. Ahh, 1st World Problems… :slight_smile:


I bought myself another motorbike, I pick it up Thursday. It is a 2012 Suzuki V-Strom 650, which is set up for all road touring.


You just have to know where to look, I’m a crate digger who can spend hours in second hand places looking through records. I even have a portable turntable.


Bought this Everdure Furnace BBQ yesterday. I’m ready for summer!


Bought a PowerMac G4 (733mhz) tower off eBay for $75!

Came with a Zip 250 which I wanted as I’ve got some old disks I’m going to try and recover data off as part of a new hobby/project to get some old Macs up and running… :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 15-inch ADC monitor, so fingers crossed it’ll be up and running Mac OS 9 soon! :tada:


Just bought a 2015 15" Quad-core i7 MacBook Pro from @jaysee. Much cheaper than Japan, even with shipping from Straya and PayPal’s ridiculous fees (hit both of us, on both sides. Monsters).


Oh I had that one for a while before I got the Touch Bar MBP. Absolutely fantastic machine, you’ll love it.


The XBox One S’ internal drive ran out of room a while ago… and my now 11yo got a few new games for his birthday… So,

I was looking at the XBox branded drives, but the guy at JB actually said not to waste your money as they were identical to SeaGate’s normal pocket drives. Haven’t gone with SeaGate for years after having issues formatting one for Mac, but seems this isn’t for Mac… and when I found the 4TB at Officeworks for $148… seemed a no brainer.

Now to actually set it up…


Nice. I went with a Firecuda for my PS4. Part SSD, Part spinning disk, all super-fast load time!


If I played games as much as I used to, I’d probably have gone for something better. :slight_smile:

I did read that games will load faster from the external drive than the internal one for a reason I forget. May have to migrate jimhobo’s Assassins game over to it for him seems that’s what he’s in love with at the moment.


Not so. Maybe if you’d shuck the case and put the drive inside the Xbox. But not the case over USB. My Firecuda is internal hence the speed. I have an external connected to the PS4 but that’s just for archiving unplayed games.


I was going off this website:

All Xbox One models, including the Xbox One X, pack a 5,400 RPM internal hard drive. However, limitations of the console’s “SATA II” interface means its full potential is rarely used, making a 5,400 RPM USB 3.0 drive a preferred solution in many situations. As for the Xbox One X, which uses high-bandwidth “SATA III,” internal load times are significantly increased, as demonstrated by our own extensive testing.


In my “real world” experience it’s really not the case unfortunately. I’m just basing that on load times and things like stutter when playing a game like Bioshock Infinite from the external.


To go with my Cube…

Here’s hoping they work. Seller didn’t seem to understand how to connect them.


I pre-ordered a Google Home Hub last week and it arrived today. It’s a neat little device I grabbed on a bit of a whim. We do use the Home Mini this replaces in the kitchen every day so I’m looking forward to what this will add. At this point I’m looking forward to visually seeing my timers so I know how much time there is to go and the name/artist of the song playing (usually through a Chromecast Audio in the dining room).

The old mini will be moved to my Sons bedroom to replace a clock radio that was playing music from his iPhone… which also means I can page him now and set alarms remotely… hehe :stuck_out_tongue:


I caved in and bought a current model iPad Pro 12.9" and Smart Keyboard. Not sure if I need Pencil yet, so will order at some time in the future. Its coming on Tuesday, Smart keyboard on THursday. Its going to replace my Macbook and Air2. Why didnt I wait til after the event? I’m never going to be able to afford the newest gear and TBH I really probably dont need it for what I do. I weighed up the relative costs of a new phone and the iPad and decided that I need the iPad more than I need a new phone. Could not do both, and get a Watch4 as well (I’ll do that later)


Nice. The 12.9 seems a much more attractive option with iOS 12 and the better performance of split screen etc.


Indeed. Also, my eyes are getting very tired of photo editing on a smaller iPad. Just cant do it anymore. I also have trouble with the big screen attached to the Mac, because I am sitting further away. I mostly edit on the ipad… in fact i do nearly everything on the ipad. Just seemed like a good match for me, for now.