New purchases thread!


Saw this in Woolies for $35…

Decided I’ve shelled out a fortune in lighting cables lately - this may well save money now we’ve moved from the iPhone 5S to 8 / 8 Plus… Though we’ll have to take turns.


Nice. I pretty much exclusively use Qi chargers now, except for when I’m using CarPlay. Although my car has Qi too, so if my wife is driving and using CarPlay I generally have my iPhone charging wirelessly there too!


Used the charger tonight - seemed to charge my phone pretty quickly; has a non-slip ring around the top of the charger to stop your phone slipping off. Now it’ll just be a matter of who has to use a cable when we both need to charge our phones at the same time. Ahh, 1st World Problems… :slight_smile:


I bought myself another motorbike, I pick it up Thursday. It is a 2012 Suzuki V-Strom 650, which is set up for all road touring.


You just have to know where to look, I’m a crate digger who can spend hours in second hand places looking through records. I even have a portable turntable.


Bought this Everdure Furnace BBQ yesterday. I’m ready for summer!


Bought a PowerMac G4 (733mhz) tower off eBay for $75!

Came with a Zip 250 which I wanted as I’ve got some old disks I’m going to try and recover data off as part of a new hobby/project to get some old Macs up and running… :slight_smile:

I’ve got a 15-inch ADC monitor, so fingers crossed it’ll be up and running Mac OS 9 soon! :tada: