New purchases thread!


I love my iPad Pro 12.9. It was replaced a couple of weeks ago as the old one exhibited a light leak issue - I could see the individual LEDs around the edge of the display. Apple replaced it no questions asked. Will be looking to upgrade to the new model through Telstra as my parents are still rocking a dead slow and practically useless iPad 2, so will sell them my old 12.9.


I dont have a way of measuring its power, I’m trusting the claims at this stage. What I do know is that it wont draw the same kind of power as the old window rattler.

So far its been very effective through 3 days of 35+… Comfortable nights and afternoon granny naps.


Product shot - Last week I picked up a 42 litre 12/24/240V fridge/freezer - we’re embarking upon a 2 week road trip in a week’s time so it’ll be nice to have food and drinks kept nice and cool during the journey.


Logitech keyboard case for my last years new iPad Pro.

Its really nice in use. Still origami-ish when putting away, but no more than Apple’s smart keyboard.

Bought from ebay for $185, alas there are no more at that price, but you can get them cheaper than RRP.


I bought a set of Dura Ace 7800 chain rings a new 11-28 Ultegra 6770 cassette, Dura Ace chain and a Bontrager RXL stem. My bike is nearing being complete. I’m just thinking about what seat I want. This one is too round and it doesn’t have a cut out or anywhere for your man bits to go.

Its a 2007 Discovery Channel bike in the guise of the one Alberto Contador won the TDF on. The only standing Tour De France win for Team Discovery channel. All of the parts are period correct except the derailleurs.


Upgraded from iPhone 8 (Silver) to iPhone XS (Gold). Notch is annoying in some apps.


Grabbed a satellite for my Amplifi mesh wi-fi yesterday. As mentioned earlier I bought the base unit with the intention to add on later, rather than getting the base + 2 satellite bundle.

It was so easy to set up. Literally plug it into the wall, open the Amplifi iOS app, and click the button to add it to the system. You get some more options if you want, e.g. run an additional SSID from the satellite, but I’ve stuck to defaults for now. Loving this ecosystem!


Couple of new lens purchases for the Sony A7

Sigma 70mm ART
Sigma 135mm ART
Tamron 28-75
Zeiss Batis 85

Also got an iPhone mount for my motorbike