New purchases thread!


Some replacement parts for my guitar and amplifier. The guitar - a Monterey Stage Series SG (MSG-1TWR) - is between 12 to 16 years old and was stored for most of that time, considering I never learned to play it. But now I’m interested in changing that.

I needed a replacement power supply for the amplifier (a Roland Micro Cube), some cables, a guitar stand, and found a C-Media USB to Audio Bridge with line inputs for $7, which is detected without drivers under macOS.


Ordered yesterday, Black Friday 15% off at CRK was finally too much to resist.


I had the first gen GR back in the day. They are amazing little cameras. Must say, My credit card is happy I didn’t see the 15% off at CRK… :joy:


What model monitor are you using with your Amiga? I’m looking for an lcd to replace the bulky 1084S


Mine’s connected to a Sony PVM-14L2 CRT at the moment. I also have a Samsung SyncMaster 510N that supposedly does 15kHz sync, but I don’t yet have an Amiga RGB to VGA adapter to test it.

Apparently the Acer V226HQL supports the Amiga’s 15kHz sync as well, and that’s a relatively new monitor (2017) so chances are it’ll be somewhat easier to find.

The 1084S is a nice monitor to match the machine, and I certainly wouldn’t turn one down if I came across a working one (or one that could be repaired), but they certainly are bulky and difficult to manage if you don’t otherwise have the space for it.


Ever Since I was an 8 year old watching B7 for the 1st time. I wanted one of these.

42 Years later i have one!


Anal probe? :slight_smile:



I was thinking the same thing


Glad someone had the courage to say it.


I had no idea what it was, but certainly wasn’t going Google it!!! :grimacing:


Here is a feel good story for everyone.

I decided my Sony A7iii was depressed and lonely in my camera bag so I made the completely selfless decision to adopt a new camera, because that’s the kind of person I am, and I find it depressing seeing all those orphan cameras in catalogues with no owners.

We went to the camera orphanage at Digidirect and they had A7riii’s for the same price as the A7iii, so we got my poor lonely A7 a brother. Unfortunately, when we got to the till, we found that the A7riii had a 100-400 attached as they are from the same family and the orphanage didn’t want to separate them. To make sure both the A7riii and the 100-400 were happy, we adopted both.


Teeny camera, crap shot with the 6S. Discovered that the battery from my GRD3 is the same as the battery in the GRII. Since the GRD has a broken battery latch and I have been fighting with it to get it working every time I recharge the battery, I consider that a win. GRD3 packed away, battery allocated to spare for new GR.

One of the first shots before the battery depleted. There will be more. Maybe later :slight_smile:


Nice. I’m waiting to see what happens with the GR3 when it comes out


I thought I wanted the 3, but it loses some of the stuff I like which GR inherited from Pentax (Tav for example). I wanted it for its smaller size… its about the same as the GRD series, but in the end, that discount at CRK won me over. Noted today, they have sold out again.


Got a hankering to go camping so I took advantage of Black Friday pricing to grab a swag ( double-width size with a 70mm thick mattress - it’s big!) , ground mat, vehicle mounted awning and sides plus a couple of new sleeping bags because mine has disappeared in a house move and wife’s is pretty old now.


Two of these

If anyone is looking at getting a Google Home Mini and a smart switch, this is the best deal - Big W has them bundled for $64. The switches by themselves at JB are $50…


Very good deal. I’m on the lookout for a few smart switches, now that the house is covered in Hue lights I can move on to the next things :slight_smile:


I want the switch but already have three google homes here… Maybe I should buy that kit and resell the home mini.


I accidentally a new 3D printer - a Prusa i3 MK3 in kit form, hopefully I will have it before the Christmas break!


I decided to let Flybuys give me a new convection oven. I had one in the past, a cheapie from Go-Lo and ended up giving it away. After a year I’d been wishing I had not.