New purchases thread!


Good deal. If I wasnt so paranoid about google, I’d get it. I want a smart switch and there arent many compatible with iOS.


That’s why I’ve started using Home Assistant running on a rPi as you can expose unsupported entities to HomeKit through it and they work as if they were native HomeKit devices. That and there’s a heap of other functions you can program with home assistant.


Yip HomeAssistant is great I run it as a container on my Unraid server.


Yeah, I’m thinking about repurposing an old Rev-A Macbook Air to run it natively rather than on the Pi as it slows down shockingly sometimes.


To keep it on topic, I picked up a space gray 64GB iPhone XS Max over the weekend. Love being back on a Plus sized phone :+1:t2:


Daedalus Tidy Tail for my r nine t arrived today


I have no idea what any of those words mean :sweat_smile:


An r nine t is a BMW motorcycle (and a nicely designed one).

A ‘tail tidy’ is a kit used to replace the oversized (and often badly designed but ADR required) extension at the rear of the bike which the number plate and ADR required reflector are fastened to.

We used one on Jacob’s Street Triple and it cleaned up the rear of the bike a LOT (me I’m older and ride tourers so practicality trumps appearance for me).

Mission Man I’d like to see a before and after photo if it isn’t too much trouble :slight_smile:


Yup. Geoff is spot on. They call the back of the BMW a diving board because you’ll see smaller diving boards at the olympics

This is what a before looks like (not my bike - mine is a christmas present so I only get to install after christmas)


That’s more of a cafe racer style bike, mine is a scrambler like this one but it gives you an idea


It’s the motorbike equivalent of someone taking your MacBook pro and put a solid state in it and upgraded the ram. :stuck_out_tongue:


Surely you need tail lights and indicators though? :thinking:(cue joke about motorcyclists…)


Most tail tidys either have included or have space for mounting smaller, neater looking LED indicators and stop/tail lights.


Thats the american version with integrated indicators, I have separate indicators with mine as vic roads requires indicators to be a minimum of 17cm apart :slight_smile:


I bought a Sensibo Sky on Black Friday and it arrived today. Perfect timing with both the heat and an update they released the other day that enables Siri Shortcuts for it.



Also just bought a Nintendo 3DS XL for $99 in an Amazon flash sale. So stoked, I’ve been wanting one for ages to play some specific games but the price always put me off. Beyond excited!


Replacement for the aged and dysfunctional old detector. Now to motivate myself to install


I’ve been using the Sensibo Sky for about a year. Generally its been trouble free. It does require an active internet connection to work. Still waiting for Sensibo to be updated to HomeKIt.

I bought it from the Good Guys, during a 20% off sale at their ebay store, so cost about $120AU


I’ve had my eye on Sensibo for a while, but ended up managing to get my aircon working with my Logitech Harmony Hub over the weekend (along with a bunch of other device integrations). It’s probably not as featured as Sensibo, but it works with Alexa just fine which is great.


Got a 128GB Ipad Mini 4 Cellular brand new through work for a great price, though it’s obviously been sitting on the shelf for a while it was running iOS 10.2.1! I thought I might sell it to make a quick buck, but the lure of the shrinkwrap was too great and I’ve unboxed it and set it up as a new device. I forgot how much I love the Ipad Mini form factor. It actually runs pretty well on ios12, I plan to use it for work and my main ipad pro 10.5 I will leave at home.


Went to Apple Store to buy the new 18W USB-C Power Adapter ($49) and a 2m USB-C to Lightning cable ($55!). Looked at the 3rd party (sturdier) cables there but none were USB-C.

Then I’m thinking “the 2019 iPhone will drop Lightning for USB-C”, so I decided the cable is a waste of money, not to mention ridiculously priced.