New purchases thread!


Yes, I’m hoping he’s simply on holidays and not ignoring me due to the price. Yes, it was a couple bucks lower than what they tend to sell for on eBay (ie about $100 instead of the $50 I got it at), but that’s the joy of auctions. My other screen I only paid about $85 for, too.


IMHO, they aren’t worth more than $50 these days. You’re basically paying to the enclosure (a valid choice!) but the panels are old, dark and have unreliable external PSUs as a rule Not saying they aren’t a valid choice, just that they aren’t worth what sellers often think these days! :man_shrugging:


Absolutely - people ask $250 for them! But they dont get those prices…

Same as all Apple gear on eBay - there’s a big difference between the “buy it now” prices that people ask for, and the no/low reserve auctions that show what people are really willing to pay. Unless you are urgently after something, or cash isn’t an issue…


Yep. Most Apple gear doesn’t hold its value the way it used to, to be honest. Used to be that you could bank on it retaining value for a year or two, but it doesn’t anymore.


Got myself a new iPad Pro 64gb Space Grey WiFi only 2nd day back at work. Popped it on the ol’ Salary Sacrifice option so it was basically free.

It’s a fair upgrade from my old 3rd gen iPad (AKA: 1st gen Retina) and I’m loving “having an iPad again” after not using my old one because it was just too slow.

EDIT: Followed it up with a USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter because not being able to use my AKGs would suck.


Scratched up the display on my XS Max over Christmas. Just had the display replaced (since the glass and display are combined)… $615 later…


No Apple Care?. If you have it then its $45 (I think) to replace the screen.




Remember when Apple didn’t sell screen protectors and they towed the line that their screens don’t scratch? HA!


Do you use a screen protector? I always get a top of the range glass screen protector for my phones. I’m also leasing from Telstra which means you can replace your phone for $200.


I do now but never bothered before. I’ve done quite well having owned a version of every iPhone and never getting a scratch. I’m happy with my replacement :slight_smile:


I’m good at never dropping my phone, but I’d never go without a quality screen protector


They’ve only really become good quality in the last few years. Until then they turned a $1000 display into a $30. The glass ones are great though.


Ubiquiti Amplifi HD Router 3 Pack.

Because Australia’s standards for running data cable are stupid and my roof space is an abortion. :+1:t2:


Where did you buy the 3-pack from?


And why the three pack of routers rather than a router and 2x mesh satellites? Do you want ethernet backhaul to each router? Runs counter to your comment about running cable :slight_smile:


I got them from

@gehenna I wish. The only plugs that I’ve got for mesh points are fairly restricted in height for the long antennas, so I thought this was the next best option, plus the WAF was higher with the routers too :joy:


Considering the purchase of a bigger bike. Test rode a Honda CB500X today and liked it a lot. Stay tuned because I will be getting one - just need to decide do I get a run out of current model or wait for the 2019 stock to be available. Really wanted something that can do the highway speed limit so I can do more longer riding options. Biggest bike I ever owned was my first when I got my license which was a Yamaha TTR250 - so riding a 477cc Honda CB500X was an interesting experience :wink:


I’m jealous. I used to ride bikes, but stopped when I was run over (literally) by a pedestrian (long story). That was in 1984. Now, my balance is so bad, I can’t ride. I’d need training wheels!! My first was a Honda 90 stepthrough, and I had a variety of different sizes between that and the final which was a Honda 250 trail bike.


How is the Personal Cooler (PC9+plus Personal Air Conditioner) working out ?
Earmarked this when you posted to check later.