New purchases thread!


Its going quite well, really. REmembering its a personal cooler, not a room cooler, of course. I did try it in the study, and also the loungeroom but it was not enough, because when you stand up to do something like make dinner, its horrible hot outside the cool zone which is very small.

For my bedroom, its been excellent. My bedroom is the hottest room in the house, and during those 44-45º days, I was able to nap very comfortably. I tend to leave it on because it cools my sheets when I am not sleeping… And today I left it on with my shorts and tshirt on the bed in front of it, whilst i went out shopping. Cool clothes when I got home and out of the street clothes.

So for me, its a positive result for my bedroom (and the noise ranges only from around 50Db to 70Db, and although I am a light sleeper, those levels dont bother me. Its white noise. I’ve yet to get an electric bill for the current quarter, but I wont know what the PC9 is chewing up because I also run an old TECO skinny window unit in the loungeroom and it eats electricity. But I’d rather put up with a big bill than be hot.


Thanks for the detailed reply.
I anticipated the cooling would be in a narrow range. Thought maybe it might be similar to air con in the car where you direct all the cool air on yourself.
At present I’ve got fans dragging cool air in from outside, then one directed at me.
Works when the temperature drops later in the evening.
Sleeping is the thing, so that sounds positive from your comments.
Should be relatively easy to calculate electricity usage, I’ll look into that.
Thanks Kyte


The only other thing I would say is this: If you have a partner, you’ll need the bed tent, in all likelhood. I dont need it because its just me and the cat: I bought the concentrator gadget instead, which directs the air more completely. If you go to the site, there are some videos of how the tent sets up etc.


A little while ago I was surprised to hear of an Apple product for the first time. Anyway, I bought it. Main benefit is just making it easier to distinguish the top of the remote from the bottom.


Oops I did it again


No answer… eBay refunded my money…


A bunch of stuff ordered. Some has arrived

Should have got the IMAK ones.

And some is expected this week or next

Ozbargainers seem to hold this in high regard. Fingers crossed. My Lazybed has only lasted 3 years.


Trainer mentioned these “bare” gloves for working out so I bought a pair. And I went for pink!


Nothing exciting this time around.

Some beard oil

And a Porlex Mini coffee grinder for my mobile coffee setup.


I’m disappointed to read that. I’m after a mattress soon and I went back and read about your experience. I wonder what the long term reviews for koala are like


Ok so I haven’t bought them, but they don’t even exist yet!

Plan to buy AirPods 2, iPad Mini 5, Apple Watch 5.


I’ve been having a great time building things with Flexo (and combining it with the screeds of LEGO I have!), it’s great fun and allows me to be a bit of a kid again.


Theres a lot of posts in in the “Home” forum. Lots of recommendations. Also worth reading in Choice. I got Lazybed because it was $350 off at the time, and I didnt have a lot of money. I didnt want a zoned mattress (which I have now had to change my mind about because there arent many non-zoned about). I believe the Lazybed was a problem for me because I am getting on in years and I am a BIG woman. I think the mattress manufacturers ought to have a weight recommendation attached, then you’d have a chance to know whether its likely to be good over time. I still get a sense of great relief when I get into bed, its like sleeping on a cloud. But after a number of hours… backache. Its no different for me, to any other mattress I have owned. However, my LB is getting dippy, and I have to swivel it round to get it to wear evenly. I’m getting too decrepit to be able to keep doing that. If you are young, healthy, and not overweight, any of the bed in a box mattresses will be fine, including Lazybed.


Further to my mattress issues, I’m sending the ZZZAtelier back. Its so heavy, I nearly could not get it in the front door. Too heavy for this old duck to change sheets etc as needed. I’ll stay with the lazybed for now an rethink.

Netatmo on the way, should arrive Monday.

Gloves came, definitely should have got the IMAK ones but they will do. Hat came, and its great!


I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Netatmo when you’ve had a chance to play with it some.


Okay. The reason I chose it was that I had no need of a full blown setup which would require me to climb on the roof (me? as if!!) because thats the only way I could get both wind and rain readings. I’m a tree person and my yard is chockers. So wind speeds would never be accurate. If I later want to add those, I can.

I also chose it for its internal sensors which give readings on the health of the air in the house. I’m sure mine must be in the red most of the time, especially in summer when its a/c rather than fresh air. And, it uploads to Weather Underground so will be interesting to see how much of a delay there is (many claim that wunderground is useless because of delays) in showing readings in the wunderground apps.

Cant wait til it arrives, its taken me 6 years to make a decision on which weather station.


Love Milkman beard oil. I use this all the time.


I’ve gotta say it’s rapidly becoming my favourite and the scent is pretty decent too.


I’ve tried several different brands over the years and started using Milkman about 2-3 years ago and it’s the only brand I use now. Quite partial to the Chai Latte scent.


My local video shop is closing down. Pretty sad, loved that place and still went there once a week or so.

I bought the sign.

I haven’t decided what to do with it. Maybe frame and backlight it.

They’re selling everything at the moment, from the DVDs to the counters and fixtures. Even offered me some of the aisle shelving for $50 a section. I’m tempted to grab one, for no particular reason. Perhaps establish a mini video shop in the house somewhere, complete with video library and snack rack. (Not to mention I have a small DVD and VHS collection, coupled with an extensive Nintendo 64 collection that would certainly look at home on an ex-Blockbuster video rack.)

The best things about video stores