New purchases thread!


Well gee. Its only when you get to read the FAQ (which I had to login to see) that you find out that Netatmo does NOT upload to wunderground. Weather Underground needs to remove it from the list of compatibles. Netatmo has its own weathermap, and alas, privacy is something they dont much care about because it locates you right in your house. So any other user can see exactly where you live. You can turn it off and I am going to do that in a minute.

This is how the app presents on your phone.

And this is the app I have chosen to go with because it seems to do a more thorough analysis. You can tap into various areas for more info, which you cant in the Netatmo app.

This is going to be just fine for me personally but will be useless for anyone else. I may, in time, get a more full blown weather station.

Oh yeah, and my air is fine. Except when cooking.


Some additional pickups from the video shop.

Still more to come as well.

Also needed a DVD player to watch them, and came across a 2001 Toshiba SD-1300 for $19. No HDMI, RGB (YPbPr) only, but it produces an extremely nice picture. Connected to an external amplifier and speakers it doesn’t sound half bad either.