New purchases thread!


Picked up a Nikon 20 f/1.8 ED lens along with a new ThinkTank Retrospective 5. My first test photo (of the new bag ironically)


Grabbed these guys, have them setup now - works pretty well. Very much looking forward to the home app now


I finally got a Raspberry Pi. So much fun to play with. I’m mainly using it to play Atari 2600 games on our TV, but seems like there’s about a billions uses for them. If you’re any kind of geek who likes old school hackable stuff, grab one.


Great devices, especially the latest model… with wifi + bluetooth now onboard.

Got 4 more units last week for a work project :wink:


I hear you. Would love one of those too.


Yeah unfortunately the hardware drivers are no good and their software bugs out randomly so after being through two replacements I took it back and jumped ship to an iPad Pro.


Olympus 7-14mm f2.8 Pro and Olympus 8mm Fisheye lenses (Which are on sale from for any M4/3rds shooters)


Last week I finally bit the bullet and got a CarPlay head unit installed. :slight_smile: They were $300 off, which made it far more reasonable!

Very happy with the fit, and the user experience is freaking amazing. Should have done ages ago.

So good. And there is Overcast support for it too so Podcasts in the car are great now! :slight_smile:

CarPlay recommendations?

That is hot. I wish I could put a third party head unit in my car :frowning: Stupid integrated climate control…


That CarPlay system looks amazing. When I upgrade my car will look for one already installed.

I received my Trunkster yesterday - it’s a zipperless luggage with USB charging, digital scale and GPS (although I didn’t get the GPS version) that launched on Kickstarter.

Very cool, just in time for an overseas conference.



How much does it weigh when empty?


I haven’t weighed mine - the Kickstarter had claimed 3.3 kg, but the final product was apparently 5 kg. Hard to tell without weighing it, which I will do tonight.

UPDATE: 4.6 kg


Same reason I dumped my SP3. In theory great, hardware great, MS quality controlled sucks


Grabbed some service tools from Jaycar. A 5MP Microscope Camera (10x-300x) with USB connection to feed video output to a computer, and a 10x handheld inspection magnifier. I’ve started working on some Retina MacBook Pro Logic Boards and needed the extra magnification to see and work on insanely small surface mount resistors and capacitors.


Our Swim Spa was delivered today…

Very significant purchase… I think I will need to start the hose to fill it on Wednesday night and monitor it until Thusday night to see how much we can get in during that time… hope to have it connected to power few days later so it can be turned on (if the water level gets high enough to allow for it).

More pictures can be found over at our blog - Swim Spa Delivery


Like many here, I bought myself some QC25s not long after they came out, in May last year when I went to Europe. Simply awesome Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Then one of the cans stopped working back on January 30. I took it into Bose, and they replaced them on the spot no questions asked, and I got a receipt with a new 12 months of warranty.

Fast forward to the release of the QC35s with Bluetooth wireless and noise cancelling. I heard that they were trading them in in certain scenarios. I figured what the hell, might as well go and ask. So I took in the box and receipt and everything and asked if they would do a trade. Again, it couldn’t have been easier, the girls was very friendly and helpful. It cost me $120 to upgrade. I can’t recommend Bose highly enough (but I guess that’s what you pay for, much like Apple).

If you have QC25’s and want the new ones, I reckon it’s worth asking particularly if you bought them from Bose.



Must have.


Suddenly I’m not so stressed about an iphone without a headphone socket :wink:

EDIT just finished charging. You can pair it with up to 8 devices, and it can actually have two of those device active at once, so you can listen to music or something of say an ipad, and then if a call comes through on your phone you can answer it without have to switch bluetooth settings or anything. There’s a Bose Connect app that helps you manage it all.

Sound is just as amazing as the QC25, maybe even a bit better. Noise Cancelling is fabulous.


@mitty - as it should be, I get so sick of half-arsed implementations that require the user to do more than he/she should have to. However, that’s an argument for another time I think.

My latest:

A nice cheapy so I can learn the fundamentals of flying a quad before moving on to bigger and better things.


nice, where’d you get that from, and how much? I was thinking of a cheap drone to play with.