New purchases thread!


And here I am waiting to be ‘upgraded’ from ADSL2+ syncing at 6Mbit to FTTN VDSL sigh.

Congratulations on your ‘net’ :slight_smile:


Ha ha, me too. I’m in the middle of moving from ADSL2+ to naked DSL with iiNet. I might get 10Mbps on a good day if it’s not raining and the wind is going in the right direction. And the ridiculous thing is that I live in the middle of Sydney and there is not even a hint of when this stupid NBN thing is coming to us. Outdated technology when it was announced, and probably won’t be installed 10yrs after the “roll out” started for me. Meanwhile our kiwi friends have got on with 21st Century Internet. Bah humbug.


NBN as originally designed as going to be great. Australia, however, decided that they didn’t want to invest in the infrastructure when they elected Tony Abbott. :frowning:


Hmmm, not so sure about that, but anyway, back to the original purpose of this thread…

After months of targeted badgering on Facebook I’ve given in and bought a pair of these:

It’s a fascinating idea and I’m keen to see if they work as well as advertised. I find events with loud music really difficult - often other people seem to be able to talk to each other but I have to smile and nod as conversation all merges into the loud music, so these might help.

It’s the first time I’ve bought from indiegogo, but I did back the Pebble Time so it’s not a completely alien concept.


Buying my first boat… Polycraft 4.1 Challenger Open deck. Still got to go do my boat license yet… we wanted something we could do as a family and figured the boat might be something we can do together etc… see if we love it or hate it in due time… Got it 2nd hand 2 years old wit 30HP 2 stroke on it for now (will eventually upgrade that to 4 stroke if/when I need to replace it).


I bought myself a new Amateur Radio Transceiver (Ham Radio), a Yaesu FTDX-3000D.

160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 metre bands transmitting SSB/CW/FM/AM and Digital modes.


Some new toys. Converted my entire Nikon system to Fuji. Just waiting on my battery grip and some new flashes


Logitech K380 Bluetooth Keyboard for $48.97 at Officeworks, price matched to a sale The Good Guys is having. Pairs to three different devices so you can easily switch at the touch of a button. I’ve got it paired to my Macbook Pro, Ipad, and Raspberry Pi. Gorgeous little unit :slight_smile:


Nice! What was the damage all up? I’m considering converting… maybe.


Our spreads went down after moving to the NBN. Its hopeless.

EDIT - Just noticed this post was a month old :open_mouth:


They have a cash back special so all up about $6500 or $7000 I think.

Very impressed so far.


How’d it go? I’ve got a couple of overseas trips coming up that I need some new luggage for, this sounds like it could be up my alley - provided its still available though.


It didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought to get comfortable with skateboarding again so I’m going ahead and building my own (this was always the plan)

Bones Wheels 54mm 80A wheels (terrain near works not great)

Cheating by reusing my current Bones reds bearings

Independent Luan Oliveiria Stage 11 regular trucks.

Sweetheart Skateboards 8" deck. Could’ve used my existing deck but I feel comfortable dropping a 1/4". I’m also a huge Seinfeld nut.


Just ordered a Lexar 32GB Professional SDHC/SDXC Card UHS-II Card (2000x) for my X-T2 and a new Retrospective 10 to go with the Retrospective 5 I already have.


With the recent Queensland storm season I’ve had to purchase the following on insurance:

  1. TP-Link Archer D7 to replace a Billion 7800 NXL to the same value. The Archer D7 is actually a significant upgrade as it provides 802.11ac, 5ghz, gigabit, USB and streaming support among other things as well as the nescessary Broadcom chipset for long lines so the situation to me is a win/win even if I’m still only getting 8mbit on a good day.
  1. Apple TV 4th generation, to replace an Apple TV 3 also hit by lightning.

And now I can finally start playing with home kit automation with iOS10 YAY!


I’d be interested in hearing about this after you’ve had a little while to use it. Pretty keen in getting a new router when I move house. Anything would be better than the shitty netgear thing I have now.

Also my recent purchases to keep it on topic:
Matte black iPhone 7 Plus 128GB
+AppleCare and a White Silicone  case for that stormtrooper look.


I was getting sick of the Billion 7800 anyway and having to constantly restart it all the time. It’s a good router if you don’t want to go higher up the food chain and look at some of the Asus Nighthawk stuff that is double the price with a broadcom chipset. Being on 4.5km of line underneath me I didn’t really have that much of a choice.

It’s been running faultlessly since I installed it, and it syncs at a faster speed than the 7800 ever did. That said I’m not doing anything spectacular with it yet, half of my existing home network got fried last week, so I’m waiting for the Apple TV 4 to arrive so I can start looking at homekit, as well as a new USB printer and a few other things to add.

It’s easy enough to use and has a wizard interface that does everything you need. The Archer D9 is out by now but the D7 ticks all the boxes, especially if you’re on a long line, and you can bridge it with an Airport Extreme should you prefer the Apple ecosystem.


And this just happened… A Mamiya 6x9 camera. You read that right, 60x90mm negs! All of you who shoot full frame are dwarfs. Cuddly little bearded dwarfs. The Mamiya Super 23 Press camera. It’s a medium format rangefinder from the 1960s.


I hope you placed the phone ridiculously carefully on that rough looking concrete!!!


Hahaha, that’s just a stock photo I grabbed from google images to illustrate my purchase, I’d never subject my actual phone to that sort of treatment. I’m still in the honeymoon phase with it.