New Tesla Roadster


This seems like the perfect section of the site to share this link… :joy:

All I can say is wow. Gosh I hope this gets built!


I’m really glad that Elon Musk is putting so much energy into building magnificent cars… but if he’s really serious about it, he would also be building cars which may not be so magnificent which the rest of us (ie people who cant afford Tesla) might have access to. Its a beautiful car, no doubt, but who the hell can afford it?


Isn’t that the Model 3? Well, at least for the US market at a base 35K US.


“…But there is a wait: Musk said production isn’t scheduled to start until 2020, and production deadlines at Tesla have traditionally been optimistic. You can reserve one now for $50,000 towards the $200,000 base price – or get one of the first 1,000 Founders Series models with more performance and an asking price of $250,000 that has to be paid now.”

If you read the article, it starts at $200k. Its not the model 3. In any case, we povs cant afford a model 3, either.

I would have bought a REva back in 200x (cant remember the year, exactly) at around $15k, and I would have been over the moon to have a fully electric car. Never really understood why our government refused to allow its import. Except, of course, it was not one of the Big Brands and didnt come from the US, Japan, or Korea.


They design some great cars, if only they could get around to actually building them at scale.


It’s going to end up with rich people living high in the clouds with Electric flying cars, and the rest of us will live down near the surface with gas guzzling monstrosities.


I’d still buy a Reva, but they are still not being imported.