Nikola Tesla's Free Energy



I’ve recently come across the “myth” that Nikola Telsa was working on a way to distribute “free electricity” for all, thanks to some conspiracy theorists - err, educational videos - on YouTube.

The concept makes me think immediately of this…

Presumably there’s no proof behind the story - or at least - no proof behind the science. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that he was working on such a concept, and I also wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he was held back by other people due to fear of loss of profits…

(One just has to look at RCA and the early days of television for one such similar example, with RCA doing everything in their power to thwart early tv entrepreneur/s from competing with their own developments in the area.)

Should I go back to my knitting, or is there something here? Electrickery drawn from the air itself?? I can’t help but think of people who suffer from sensitivity to EM fields and WiFi etc - would something like this potentially be even more prevalent with side affects? If it is even in the realms of possibility?




I’d really like concrete proof that EM/Wifi sensitivity is a thing. Specially after watching “Better Call Saul”.


Yep, it’s a shame all the things I’ve read online about it (and similar phenomena) are as reliable as Chuck McGill.


One of the old MacTalk gang had it. I don’t doubt that some people are affected by it, whilst the majority of the population (well - Western population) don’t appear to suffer the same fate. My wife watched some doco-series on Netflix a few months ago featuring people who had a variety of “lifestyle” issues, one of which was this electro-sensitivity. The lady ended up moving to a remote township that basically had a rule about no phones / wifi etc etc.

I think the issue should absolutely be studied further… but good luck finding the research funds for something that’s so “fringe”…

(Hell, if migraine is still basically unknown, with approx 10% of the population suffering from them - then couldn’t expect too much for this…)