No Apple event wrap-up? No worries!


Watch the keynote, or jump onto the Apple website and check out what’s new for what you’re interested in.

Update: now there’s a 108-second video from Apple themselves for all you time-starved people.


VEry interested in the new watch 4. That fall detection and HR stuff will be handy. I’d love to get an iPHone Xs but OMG the price!!! I’ll consider an Xr. Maybe. in time.


Same here, the new phones are way too expensive but the Apple Watch 4 is tempting given the increased heart monitoring functionlity


I’ve already decided to spring for the new Watch, not sure what to do with the Series 1 I have, but I guess someone might want it. Its been excellent and its battery life is still good.

I think I am going to be looking to the second hand market for an X, or wait another couple of years to be getting an Xs on the second hand market. The cameras in these new phones do look wonderful.


There’s now a 108-second video from Apple themselves, for all you time-starved people.


Seriously tempted my the series 4 Watch. Guess it depends what price i could get for my Series 3 SS black 42mm with Cellular?

Or maybe stop watching Apple Events


Apple Watch 4 looks great!

iPhones fairly disappointing (for me personally). Was hoping for an SE spec bump. I need 128GB or 256GB of storage as I’ve spent the last couple of months offloading apps and re-downloading them on 64GB. Can’t justify paying $700 for a 128GB SE.

Camera tech and processors etc in the new iPhones is cool.


Was interested in the Apple Watch 4 but since ECG is “coming soon” and only to the USA then the interest is no more.


Is it something to do with regulations?


Oh really? I thought they said only USA for now. It will have to be approved here, for example, by the TGA. I wanted it for falls detection as well. I’ll keep using my Kardia. Also, all our current watches can at least send a warning about a spiking HR when at rest.


Hardware will be identical at launch. Falls detection should be there on day 1. Just ECG stuff that won’t be as I understand it (as that makes it a medical device) will be delayed, and that’s just a regulatory holdup.

I assume once it’s been approved by the local regional agency, the app will appear in a watch update. Heck, you may even be able to fake it by just choosing the ‘region’ as USA? :man_shrugging:


I thought that was what I said. TGA approval will be required. I know falls detection will be there at launch and I am aware that the hardware itself wont change. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In the meantime I’ve spent my meagre funds on a new second hand CPAP machine which I needed more than I need a new phone or watch. So now I cant afford it. C’est la vie!