Old iTunes Library - Extract Playlist? Solved



I would dearly like to recover a playlist from the iTunes folder that was on my eMac - last used circa 2010.

I have the full iTunes folder.

Problem is, modern iTunes (12) doesn’t recognise the iTunes library folder.

Using Text Edit I can read the xml file, which catalogues my music files, but that doesn’t contain the playlists - which I am reading is contained in what is now called an itl file, but in 2010 was possibly just - iTunes file.

Anyone have a magic iTunes library reader?





Worst case scenario you could run up a virtual machine of the appropriate age OS & iTunes, and export the playlist(s) from there.

There’s probably a much easier solution :man_shrugging:


All good! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I had tried option-opening iTunes so it would ask what library I wanted to use. I then tried to open the old library file, but iTunes said there was no recognisable files in the folder.

Instead I renamed the current iTunes file, moved the old file into the new iTunes folder, and renamed it with the “current” file name… voila - I’m listening to:

Addicted to Bass
Arnee & the Terminators
Back in the USSR
Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite (Billy Connolly)
Born to be Wild
California Dreaming
Cats in the Cradle
Cherry Pie
Come Together (Robin Williams)
A Day In The Life
Down Under
Dumb Things
Free as a Bird
Gangsta’s Paradise
Get Me Outta Here
A Hard Day’s Night (Goldy Horn)
I am the Walrus
I am the Walrus (Jim Carrey)
I Kissed a Girl
I was only 19
I Wish I was a Punk Rocker
I’m Gonna Be
In My Life
Look what You’ve Done
Losing my Religion
Men in Black
Most People I know
No Aphrodisiac
Old Holden
The Saga Begins
Star Trekkin
Stupid Girls
Sweet & Sour
To Her Door
Voodoo Child
Walk Like An Egyptian
What if God
What if God smoked cannabis
What if I’m Right
Why Don’t you Get a Job
You Sound like Louis Burdett

Yes, I have been told I have an eclectic taste in music… This was what I listened to when commuting to uni/work in Brissie when I finally became an iPod user in 2008.



Actually - my playlist was missing

Unsquare Dance
Below the Bassline