OnePlus 6T - with features the iPhone should have


The new OnePlus 6T is a very nice phone with many features the iPhone should have:

  • USB-C connector (coming to iPhone in 2019 I presume)
  • in-display fingerprint sensor (again, I presume Apple will add this one day)
  • minimal notch (the iPhone notch is a joke)
  • notch display settings built into the OS (common sense)
  • centred camera on the back (just my personal preference)

video below starts at the notch discussion:


USB-C - fair point. I’m sure the 2019 iPhones will probably ditch lightning for USB-C.

Fingerprint sensor: why? FaceID is more superior and Apple are moving away from fingerprint sensors.

Minimal notch: does the One Plus have all the FaceID sensors?

Not sure what you mean notch display settings.

Centred camera: I much prefer the corner camera. It allows more freedom with camera movement and placement (easier to place the camera in awkward positions if it’s in a corner.


watch the iJustine video for 15 seconds. Ridiculous that iOS does not have an option to hide the notch area.


I’d much much rather have a fingerprint sensor (ever tried using Face ID with a motorbike helmet and a tinted visor?).


But wouldn’t it be the same with gloves if you’re on a bike?


Only for sports bike riders, I have a Harley, there are of course open face helmets but that still means removing the bandana covering my face (and if I’m not wearing a bandana then I’m wearing a helmet with a visor and face ID doesn’t work properly through even a clean visor).


I disagree. FaceID has a lot of limitations. All my friends with an iPhone X seem to put their passcodes in an awful lot. FaceID doesn’t work in a number of situations. Touch ID is the same, but I don’t have those issues. Would love to have both options.


Fair enough. In my experience, and I’ve only used FaceID on my XS Max, it’s been pretty flawless. I’ve been getting far fewer rejected attempts than I ever did with TouchID.


Ī don’t want to hide the notch. That would push other status icons from beside the notch down into usable screen space.


Never had an issue on my iPhone X with Face ID, and it’s even faster on my XS Max. Maybe your friends have the Require Attention option enabled for Face ID. I don’t have that enabled as I tend to use sunglasses a lot. But in brief testing with half a dozen other people, only my face was able to open the X with that option disabled, so it seems just as secure.


When I tested an X at work, I found it super annoying as I often have my phone flat on the desk and like to unlock quickly, Touch ID works for this flawlessly. I just seem to want to unlock my phone a lot without directly looking at it.

I know Apple won’t do it, but an under the screen Touch ID sensor + faceID would be awesome.

I think I’m very stubborn in how I use my devices. In a bid to be less distracted I will often keep my phone away from me but in reachable distance so every now and again I can check my notifications and just being able to press the home button is great.


Sure, I do that too. I just wait the 3 seconds it takes for me to put in my pin in that case. It’s not a drama. I would like the option of having my iPhone auto unlock when it’s in proximity of my Watch. That’d do away with any issues.


The whole point of Touch ID and FaceID is meant to be convenience (and security I guess). When something becomes harder than it was before, it is a step backwards in connivence.




That’s my point. Aside from one small use case, it is more convenient and secure. There were plenty of times when Touch ID wasn’t convenient for me either. No system is perfect.


You can just touch the screen to wake it and see your notifications. You don’t lose any functionality here, in fact you gain some by not having to unlock.