Orders of the new 2016 MacBook Pros


Ok this thread is for people who have decided to get the new MacBook Pro and to discuss their orders. Ok we can all agree we were disappointed with the announcement. But this is still a new MacBook Pro and its specs are very decent.

I’ve gone ahead and ordered the top of the range one online with 1 Tb SSD and AppleCare. I need one for work.

Works out to a total of $5.7k or so.

Anyone else bought a new one too?


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It doesn’t cost you any more, and ordering via our link helps us out immensely.

I’ll also be removing any posts that aren’t about pre-orders. Not moving, straight-up deleting. We’ve got other topics for that.


Looking at ordering the base 15, do we have benchmarks or stats on the new Radeon GPUs yet? Doubt I’ll upgrade it, but would be useful to compare.


I… don’t think we’ve seen the Radeon Pro 4-series until now. Nothing on the web I can find about them, apart from this page on AMD’s website: http://creators.radeon.com/radeon-pro/


ah cheers for that. :slight_smile:


My 2012 MacBook Pro 13 only has 4Gb of RAM and I’m finding that limiting but my main machine is the 27 inch iMac so I don’t want to spend more than I have to.

I was just browsing the Australian Apple store and noticed that the 2 cheaper 13 inch machines don’t have the touch bar or touch ID, am I correct in guessing that those laptops are really the previous model (2013 hardware)?


I’m looking at the base 13" Touch Bar model, but bumping the RAM to 16GB. Pricey!


One of them is, one of them isn’t. One has every other change to the new models besides the new Touch Bar and Touch ID, the other is actually the older version.


[quote=“tcn33, post:8, topic:2878, full:true”]
I’m looking at the base 13" Touch Bar model, but bumping the RAM to 16GB. Pricey![/quote]
If I was upgrading, that’s probably what I would get. I’m not really price-sensitive, plus I can salary package it. But 4 USB-C and no USB-A is just too soon for me. I love Touch ID and space grey but happy to wait for better battery life and newer chip (probably Coffee Lake).

Stick with my late-2013 13" rMBP for now :frowning:


I ordered the 13" with Touch Bar 3.1GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5 / 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD, ended up costing $3479.

Mine is a work machine too, someone has to try all those USB-C / ThunderBolt 3 things. :slight_smile:

Can’t quite stretch the budget to the LG display though.


Salary packaged a 13" 2.9GHz with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD with the magic touchy bar.

My 2009 MBP seems to be suffering from overheating issues and crashing/failing more and more frequently these days.
Need something reliable.


Just ordered a 13-inch non-touch bar model with 16GB/256GB for me. :slight_smile:


Cool. Shipping info hasn’t changed. Can’t wait for it to arrive.


Ordered exactly the same one today. Used education pricing which great being a teacher.


For those of you who ordered TB3 adapters, Apple has dropped the price of them significantly.

I called up and had $27 refunded to me.


Mine arrived on Friday last week - using it at work now.

Had to buy 2 new USB-C to HDMI dongles ($75 x 2) to connect them to my 2 external displays.

Otherwise, all working like the previous model - I can imagine that it is a bit faster.

The touchbar I have not even used at all except to login using TouchID.

I’m in the middle of selling my mid-2012 rMBP now.

Anyone else who pre-ordered received their MBPs?


I got mine a 2 weeks ago (non-touchbar 13-inch for me). Love the KB, love the battery life (much better). I’ve upgraded from a 15-inch 2012 model and it feels about the same speed (as it’s integrated GPU only on this one) but it’s good enough for me on the road. :slight_smile:


I’ve salary sacrificed mine through work. Was supposed to get it last Wednesday. Our supplier said it was received and ready for delivery, but alas, now they’re saying that they haven’t received it and are still waiting for it to be sent from Apple.

Apparently there is news from Apple to do with issues relating to the TouchBar. Either there’s short supply of them, or there’s another issue that’s caused them to halt production.

And to make things all the more greater I’m having GPU issues with my 2012 rMBP causing it to crash every few hours :rage:


Is the repair program for them still running? Surely you could talk AppleCare into it? :slight_smile:


My 13" with Touch Bar has arrived, haven’t had much of a chance to use it yet, will do the big migration tonight.

Weirded out by the power-on function when the lid is opened, also the unlock with Apple Watch works way faster than the machine I have now.