Oz Mobiles -?



Anyone purchased an iPhone from https://www.ozmobiles.com.au ?

Their prices seem comparable to eBay “sell” prices… without the headache of eBay.




Well, a whois of their domain reports that it’s registered to a Sole Trader, so we’re talking about someone who could well have been an eBay seller…

Registrant: DUGGAL, TIM
Eligibility Type: Sole Trader
Eligibility ID: ABN 22454633090

Looking at the site, he’s selling 2nd-hand goods.


Yeah - looking at upgrading mine and wife’s iPhone 5S’s to 6S’s…

Pawn Brokers (and EB Games, for example) need a second hand license… is that from the buying or selling perspective? I wonder if it applies to people like this.

Looking here, there’s overall good reviews, with some interesting negative ones - some seem valid, some appear to have a twist…


I bought a 4S from ebgames a few years back, after I had sold mine on here and wished I had not… It was clearly “refurbished”… that is, came with a nonbranded glass back which doesnt fit properly, the alu surround is all dinged up, and the battery life is less than you’d have expected at that time.

It caused me to think that all these second hand places do is take on phones from people who never looked after them, and didnt care enough to worry that they would not get a good price on a tradein. Of course, some will be just fine… but I’ll never risk it again.


I’ve had a few 2nd hand iPhones before, purchased from “individuals” on eBay rather than a “professional” that sells lots of them, with claims of refurbing. Overall the results were good, but took a lot of mucking around to get the good result - IE sitting on eBay a LOT, finding the good auctions to bid on, missing many of them due to how high the price went, and on one occasion - receiving a phone that was not as described (wrong model), though no issues returning thankfully - just my time wasted…

That’s why I was thinking - if I use one of these “professionals”, maybe it’ll result in a quicker, better result… Of course, as by your experience, @kyte, looks like mileage can vary.


I guess so @cosmichobo, I just wont do it again, the experience was disappointing, to say the least. I suspect that people who sell on ebay and gumtree (the genuine ones, not the scammers) are those who look after their stuff and would rather get a reasonable price for it than the pittance these “professional” places offer. Brightstar, for example, will only give me $70 for my “as new” 5S 32GB: I cant find out what it will give me for my 6S 64GB but from recollection it was about $185 last time I looked. It will be less now. I have a drawer full of iPhones that I won’t sell to these ripoff merchants (yes, I know, money should be in my pocket not theirs but I get so annoyed). It would cost them absolutely nothing to resell my phones, except maybe 10 minutes to check that they are OK.