Photography: Panasonic WiFi


I have been fighting with my multiple panasonic compacts for some time, in an effort to get them to upload to my iPad via WiFi. I cannot ever seem to get them to connect. I have had success getting my phone to drive my FZ1000 for example, but cannot get any success to upload the results to the iPad, or even to the phone. Its really frustrating. I have no such issues with the Nikon WiFi upload and the iOS software is really basic by comparison.

Has anyone had any success? If so, I’d appreciate a short tutorial, since following the camera instructions fails every time.


Check out the app called Cascable. I use it with my Panasonic GX8 and it is brilliant. It’s developed by a small team and they’re always making updates. It works really well. The Panasonic app is useless.

Cascable by Cascable AB


Thanks! I was beginning to think I would sell my Pannies. I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:


Then again, maybe not. All thats required is that the camera and ipad be connected to the same network. Except that my Panasonics (TZ60, LX100 and FZ1000) are all refusing to talk to my AEBS, which they “see” perfectly well. I’ve doublechecked that the password is correct, and yet… “failed to connect to access point”.

Ordered a new SD reader from ebay instead. Cant be arsed fighting with it anymore. Enough time wasted.


SD cards is usually the way to go, ultimately.


Managed to get the Panasonic app behaving. If it sets the camera as the access point, easy to download. Happy.

IN the meantime, SD reader is on the way.