Photos on USB not being recognised at photo print kiosks



i don’t now what am i doing wrong but my local BigW photo print kiosk is not recognising any of my USB sticks i take over there to print photos from.

i have lots of USB 2.0 and 3.0 sticks of many different sizes, 8gb, 16gb and even 32gb…all of them i tried the following format options to copy photos to (export option from photos app, El capitan OS)

  • OSX Extend (Journalled)
  • ExFAT

the drive is visible on OSX device (iMac and Mac Pro) and a Windows device (Laptop running Win7) the photos i export from Photos app are also visible one the above mentioned devices just not the local BigW kiosk :frowning:
i also tried another Kodak kiosk at an independent photo shop…no luck :frowning:

Disk Utility has an option when erasing the USB stick, which Scheme option should i be using?
is there something in Photos app that is set which prevents the export to work properly?




The answer to this is probably much simpler than SD card formatting, or export options from iPhoto. A JPEG is a JPEG, after all.

You know how when you take photos on an SD card, and you stick that SD card into your Mac, then iPhoto/Photos pops up and asks you whether you want to import those photos? How does it know to do that compared to a normal USB stick with photos on it?

The answer lies in the DCIM folder.

Try this (you’ll probably want your USB drive to be formatted as MS-DOS FAT for compatibility, although ExFAT is also likely to work):

  1. Create a DCIM folder at the root of your USB drive.
  2. Create another folder in that, named 100PICTS (or whatever you want, as long as it’s 100 followed by 5 characters).
  3. Put your photos inside that folder. It probably doesn’t matter what they’re called, as long as they’re a .JPG.

Should look something like this:

Then take it to BigW and see if your photos are recognised then :slight_smile:

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Master Boot Record + FAT is what a PC stick will be by default. Should be read by any of those kiosks - they shouldn’t need the DCIM folder although I guess it couldn’t hurt. I’d probably also favour a USB2 stick (I’ve seen weird issues with USB3 sticks in USB2 ports as those machines no doubt are).

GUID is OS X only (or used to be). APM is Power PC boot drives.

Edit: and yes, as @bennyling says, make sure you have file extensions on the .jpg files, and PC compatible names - no weird characters etc.

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Did you try Windows utilites, for example, SDFormatter? Choose exFat option, which is optimal for Mac OS X.