Pinterest not loading!


Is anyone else having an issue with Pinterest not loading as in the screen is complently blank!!! It’s been like this since early April. Before that no issue. Is this a Safari issue as I’ve not changed any of Safari’s settings! Can anyone tell me what the problem might be or what’s preventing the website from loading? I’ve emailed Pinterest, but haven’t heard from them since emailing them on 15 April!



What happens if you try a different browser?



Have you tried deleting your browser’s .plist file? Or whatever else you find? That might work.



Please, only delete stuff if you know what you’re doing. The tone of your post suggests you don’t, so first things first: does Pininterest load on any other device in your house? We need to try and work out whether it’s a problem specific to one device, or whether it may be something else.



When I say I’ve not changed any of Safari’s settings I mean just that! That I’ve not ‘fiddled’ with Safari in any way and that includes any associated application files like .plist files. Actually when I looked in Users/Library/Preferences, there were 309 duplicate .plist files including 16 duplicate safari.plist files so I cleaned everything up leaving only the original .plist files. That made no difference! I even tried moving to the desktop so when I reset a new safari.plist file would be created, but still Pinterest won’t load so I moved the original safari.plist file back. So the problem definitely isn’t with Safari’s .plist file being corrupt or anything. To me this seems to point to Pinterest having run some kind of update at their end which now breaks Safari 9.1.3? Pinterest does load perfectly fine in Chrome (Version 65.0.3325.181) and the current version of Safari as I tested it on an iMac at the Apple Store, but this doesn’t answer why it’s suddenly stopped loading in Safari 9.1.3? and I want to get to the bottom of this! Why Pinterest haven’t replied is extremely slack on their part!



My man, process of elimination.

You’ve tested Pinterest on an iMac at the Apple Store, but not on another device in your house, connected to your Wi-Fi?

Also: I wouldn’t expect a reply from Pinterest, they don’t care. They’re not your personal tech support.

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