Planet of the Apps


Jebus. I sat through the entire trailer for this travesty. You really should as well. It may very well change your mind about ever buying another Apple Product. I was just so embarrassed. If this is what Apple thinks people want, then we’ve got serious, serious problems.

Wednesday Morning News

Haven’t seen it, but I wish they’d focus on making products instead of irrelevant stuff.


For the record, Apple has made more from services revenue than they did on the iPad last quarter, almost as much as the Mac, and services alone are set to become a Fortune 100 company all by themselves by the end of the year, even though the category encompasses more than just apps.

But yeah, they should make better products instead of “irrelevant stuff”.



That trailer is just terrible. And I don’t just mean about the terrible train wreck of a show concept, which is all sorts of ick, but the trailer itself. Poor execution, stilted dialogue, tacky.

On the other hand: Jessica Alba.


Without the magical products the services would have a pretty short shelf life.


Without a doubt. Doesn’t mean that apps or services are “irrelevant stuff”, regardless of how terrible the preview is.



Ugh is my nemesis.


That is so so sad and very very bad, they might as well get Donald Trump and Arnie on there saying “You’re fired!”.

It’s all a moot point though since I won’t be watching it, and not only because I will never subscribe to Apple Music, and it makes me actually sad to own Apple products if this is the future of what was once a great, innovative and forward thinking company.


Looks like the trailers for Shark Tank that I have seen. Surely they could do better than that. And the panel are… what… actors and musicians? Dear god. No, this is NOT something I will be bothering with.


Wow. I mean most reality TV is bad, but this looks shocking. Maybe if the judges were the people from Yelp & Uber etc. but c’mon is anyone really buying 3/4 of those judges have any expertise in this area?!


I couldn’t give a damn about profits,Microsoft had great profits in the early 2000s. I give a damn about products actually being updated, and when people complain, other people come out and say that Apple doesn’t have the resources or time to update/continue devolpment, but they apparently have he time and resources for completely pointless irrelevant stuff.


But, but, Jessica Alba!




Sharktank for apps ! Hope Channel 10 have their Licencing people over this for the royalties ! looks like a crock !


I didn’t think it was all that bad but the idea isn’t very original. Won’t be watching it though.


She’s done pretty well for herself outside of film, she’s an astute business woman.


Shark Tank is an international format that Ten licensed. :wink:


I’m not a huge fan of Will I Am but Planet Of The Apps actually doesn’t loom terrible. I’m not a fan of reality TV, but entrepreneurship is a gift I admire but don’t have and I like apps so I’ll be giving it a crack.


We all like apps. The apps may be great, but that doesnt make the show worth watching. Its reality TV crap.