Planet of the Apps


Then don’t watch it?


Well sure, Angus. What is underlying everyone’s concern is that a lame content beginning does not bode well for the future. Quality, must watch cult shows like HBO and Netflix have produced this ain’t. It risks a permanent ‘lame’ label for any future efforts.


Yeah and the fact that Apple is wasting effort on a bloody tv show, but can’t be bothered updating Macs etc.


Well that’s true. I heard they transferred all the Mac and macOS engineers to their in-house television production group!


Well obviously I don’t mean that, but management must be involved in this crap. I’d rather management push for new Macs.


The two things aren’t mutually exclusive. The reason why Apple isn’t releasing new Macs likely has nothing to do with this production. If Apple wanted to release new Macs, they’d do it with or without POTA on the cards.


Tells me where their priorities are.


Things Tim Cook cares about.


I’ll bet a lot of people in California will watch it.


I’ve changed my opinion on this after hearing the ATPFM guys’ take on it.

Worth a listen.

In a nutshell, we’re all focused on the ‘apps’ bit - but in reality it’s just another business pitch show for a single class of pitch. The mentors don’t need to necessarily be tech people - just able to make business connections happen, which maybe they will be (more than first glance would suggest - 3 famous artists).


I’m crying… Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow. “We’re the eBay of the Snapchat generation”. THIS IS MEME JUICE.

Seriously, though, if you like Shark Tank, you’ll probably like this.