Plex Pass. Worth it?


I have plex running on a Mac mini, serving up to my AppleTV, and I’m happy with how it all works.
I’ve got an offer of a lifetime PlexPass for $99, but not sure if it’s worth getting. I will probably upgrade to a 4K Apple TV soon, and will put my old Atv on the kids’ tv, so will need to set up a plex account just for them, and I think a Pass is needed for this.

Anybody have the pass who can let me know if it’s worth it?


Only worth it if you will be sharing with multiple users and or remote users, or accessing your content remotely. The use cases are pretty clear on the Plex pass website details.


I purchased a lifetime pass a couple or more years back. Very happy I did. Both the features it provided at the time and to have contributed to ongoing development (even features not useful for me).