Poll: How many iPhones have you had?


have had the iPhone, 3G 16GB White, 3GS 32GB White, 5C 32GB, 4S 64GB (x5) and now alost two iPhone 6S+ 128GB units. I’m really getting over all this applecare replacement stuff. I’m getting my current three week old 6S+ replaced today under warranty. dog gone darn it does it make me hot under the collar. in sydney right now for the Microsoft store lanch. been here since 10:40pm last night and there’s only 20 peeps in line. ha! I’m getting mine. I’m fifth inline.

lets see what goes on today, i’m looking forward to it. getting tickets to a Jessie J performance tonight too. that sounds schweet. hope all my needs are met. they are looking after the peeps in the queue really well, like rolls royce ghost well.

I just want a god damon (Mat daymon) phone that works. and that keeps working. perhaps my nek phone will be a Lumia 950XL. cant wait to play with the Band 2, Surface book and all the new toys like the glasses they demoed. wonder if there will be a surface table.


Small thread jack, AfterBurner…

KONATA FTW. I live near the shrine where the twins are Miko.

I just felt like letting you know that.


Me, I’ve had every model except the “S” series.


Um, I guess that I am almost neanderthal man then, - although he was really buggered when his battery ran out of juice, as without reticulated power back then, a flat iPhone turned out to be just another weapon to chuck.

I have an 8G 4, and that was handed down from SWMBO when she got a 64G 6 - to use as an iPod as much as a phone. So, just one for me, but am looking forward to getting the 6 in a couple of years time.

I use it for making voice calls and sending texts, but my big fat old fingers seem to type wrong, too often, and the leprechaun in there doing the autocorrect, well evidence suggests he dropped out of school pretty early. It has all these other flash looking button icons on the face too, I must get around to finding out what they do…


Only 2, the 4S and the 5. I bought both second hand via mactalk one year after their release. Really want to upgrade to a 6 or 6plus but the falling dollar has kept second hand prices up and the new ones are way too much. :unamused:

Any chance of a like so I can maybe find a phone in the sale section? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now there’s a place I have to see. Japan is a place I’ve always wanted to go to but couldn’t afford to.

there’s so much still to do and now my back is back in the game i can start attacking again. I didnt have a single inkling how bad i had gotten. wow. such pain. thank you to everyone whom pulled strings and helped me get through in the end.

It was a truly humbling period. I cant wait to see what’s in store for us all may we all find our peace and make ourselves at one with our ambitions…


I have had the 4 (pre-owned), 4s (pre-owned), and 6 (new).

I plan to upgrade to the 7, or at the very latest, 7s (if Apple keeps with today’s naming patterns); ie skipping the “s” cycle.


5C (which I bought outright so that I could get my 2 year contract cycle away from the S year and onto the new shape year).


I am on a four year cycle. First was an iPod touch 2G (ok not an iPhone - but part of the pattern). First iPhone was a 4S (on contract with Telstra - ouch, spent 4 months just to get my phone number ported. Ditched them as soon as the contract was over) and now a 6S (outright). So I guess the next one is the 8S…


iPhone 3GS, 4, 5, 6.

I stick with a 2 year cycle, the only exception being the 3GS to 4 as it came free with a bundle from Telstra. My next handset will be the iPhone 7, or whatever it’s called.

For those interested, in reverse order had a Sony Ericsson C905, Sony EricssonK800i, Nokia N70 and a variety of other Nokia/SE phones prior.


I’m on this ‘S’ cycle. I upgrade every two years.

Started with the 3GS, then 4S, 5S and now 6S.


I started with a 3GS, which I absolutely loved, but passed on both 4’s because I didn’t like the square vibe. The 5 really did it for me though and I ordered one the minute they became available. Still have it & still like it. Am trying to get hold of a 5S now because none of the 6 series are my thing. Hoping next year will bring us an updated smaller screen phone.


I buy the latest iPhone every year - it’s a treat to myself, hah. I could probably get along with an iPhone 4 fine and only upgrade when Apple stops release updates, but I like new shiny:)

Best iPhone imho is the iPhone 5c. I loved the plastic case. The iPhone 4/4’s glass back was weird and the iPhone 6/6s is a slippery bar of soap in comparison!


Just the one.

I had an iPhone 4 for almost 3 years, given to me by the director of the company I work for. Gave it up when he asked for it back - to give to his father!

It was getting pretty long in the tooth by the end though, and each time Apple released a new phone it felt just that little bit older. I suppose that’s what Apple want iPhone owners to feel though, otherwise there would be no upgrades.

And when I handed it back I arranged for it to be replaced by a BlackBerry classic, 'cos I love phones with buttons and my other phone is an 8 year old BlackBerry Pearl 8100, still going strong…


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I have got the 4, 5, 5S, 6, 6S all on launch day because I couldn’t help myself… Or I should blame @decryption thanks to his iPhone buy guides teaching me about Telstra’s re contracting + device buyout.

I collect Apple products so i have all of them from the 2G to the 6S with the exception of the 5 (sold at the time of the 5S) and the Plus phones.

On that note if anyone has a 1st Gen iPhone 2G box they want to sell cheap (Not the phone… just the box) send me an inbox. :grinning:


Oh and i really wanted a 3G /3Gs back in the day but i was stuck on a Hiptop plan. Sad times


I still miss my white 3GS. So nice to hold! I imaging the 5C is like that a bit. If they released a iPhone 6 bits in 5C case I’d be allover that! I use a 5S currently, as I love the size, but I couldn’t go without Touch ID these days.


There’s one for sale in the trading thread now…


All except the first one

DIY iPhones