Poll: How many iPhones have you had?


Which I don’t have access to yet. :frowning:


Hmm, lets see, 3G,3GS,4S (x6),5C,6S+. trying to hold off the next update as long as possible. really enjoying the 6S+ I had to go through quite an ordeal to get it. it’s been a good unit so far.

(spotted my thread jacking will fix, Apologies All)


And since then also…

7 (current phone)


Not as many as some :slight_smile:

2G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5S, 6S


3GS (2012-2013)
4 (2013-2014)
5 (2014-2016)
SE (2016-Present)


4, 4S, 6 plus, 6S


One - the current model SE.


And since then a 7 Plus and 8 Plus


Like SteveClark, one, an SE a bit over a year old. (It replaced a Nokia 3310.)


I very briefly owned an original iPhone before reverting to my Nokia E61, then replaced it with an E71 the year of the iPhone 3G.

I made the switch full time when the 3GS came out. I consider this the first viable iPhone as it had Copy/Paste!

After that, my full time phones went:
6 (for almost a year)
5S (went back as I didn’t love the 6 size)
SE (loved it!)
6S+ (to try the plus size)
7+ (jet black - first viable iPhone + without a case)

Tried to love the iPhone X but ultimately went back to the 7+ which I’m still using and returned the iPhone X within the 2 week window.

I really love the iPhone 7+ in jet black with no case. Most people are surprised when they realise it’s the “plus” as it looks so slim. :joy:


Let’s see, I think I’ve had one of every non-s model minus the 6 series.


Can’t say I’ve been disappointed with any of them - the 6 didn’t wow me as much but then when I jumped from the 5 to the 7 it all happened again, same with the X but to a lesser extent.


I have had:
Plus I am still using my 6S.

My IOS spend is more focused on iPads recently


Mine are

3GS 2012-2013
4 2013-2014
5 2014-2016
SE 2016-Current

I still have all phones. The 3GS is my ‘garage phone’, the 4 is my backup phone (with a Telstra Prepaid sim for when there is no Virgin reception) and the 5 is on lend to a family memory


6 Plus


I’ve used

iPhone - my Director went to the States and brought one back
4S - I’m keeping this for those few 30 pin accessories I have
6 - met with an unfortunate end on concrete


Three: Iphone 4 (my first after owning a Nokia for so long) , iPhone5S (went back to it), iPhone 6 (didn’t like the form factor).


My last response here was in September 2015 and I was still using my 5S at that stage and contemplating an update to 6S the next year. Well, I waited til last year. I dont much like the form factor either, but my eyes dont like smaller screens anymore. I’ve bought an SE and its lovely, but I struggle with it and then go back to the 6S, which I then struggle with, and go back to the SE. In the end, I think it will be SE all round and end of the line for me on iPhone. Its going to have to do me until…


4 x 3, lost the first one (left on a plane)
4s x 2, second one died a couple of months ago
7, asking myself why I waited so long.


Fast forward three years and I skipped the 6S and 7 generations as I couldn’t justify the price of the upgrades when my 6 Plus was working just fine (and continues to work well for my Son). The 8 Plus I upgraded to is magic with it’s better cameras and finger print scanner but I am left lusting a little after the X with it’s face recognition and it’s very pretty screen.

For the first time in a long long time I’m under a plan (I used to buy outright) which means I have access to the phone trade in and upgrade option, something that will mean for very little cash I get the option to upgrade to a new plan. I do need to look into exactly how this works, but it does provide an easy path to upgrade to a new phone when they are upgraded later in the year which will be tempting. In reality the current phone really does everything I need but if the upgrade cost is low enough I might consider jumping to the X(S)???


4 (When the white one came out… remember there was a delay)
Pixel 2 XL

(yeah, that last one).