Poll: Which iPhone 8/X are you buying?


Buying one of the new iPhones? Let us know which variant you’re after.
Not planning on buying a new iPhone for whatever reason? There are plenty of other threads to discuss that.

  • iPhone 8 64GB Gold
  • iPhone 8 64GB Silver
  • iPhone 8 64GB Space Grey
  • iPhone 8 256GB Gold
  • iPhone 8 256GB Silver
  • iPhone 8 256GB Space Grey
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Gold
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Silver
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Space Grey
  • iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Gold
  • iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Silver
  • iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Space Grey
  • iPhone X 64GB Silver
  • iPhone X 64GB Space Grey
  • iPhone X 256GB Silver
  • iPhone X 256GB Space Grey

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To me it really depends on the price that Telstra set them at.

At this stage I would think that I am getting the 256GB Silver 8 Plus.


Space Grey 256GB, either the 8 Plus or if I can manage it the X…

A new watch looks very tempting too but that might be a bridge too far


I’m going to go X.


Silver 64gb X for me.

Might also pick up a S3 non-cellular watch.


Tempted to get a 256GB X in Space Grey, with AppleCare+ (which btw, seems to have increased from $199 to $299 - is that recent or haven’t I noticed?)


iPhone X SG 65GB for me + Apple Watch. Haven’t had an Apple Watch yet, still rocking my Pebble Time. Unfortunately I just got an iPhone 7+ about 6 months ago from work. I haven’t bought a phone/laptop in 12-15 years because work always provides them. So given how recently they upgraded me, this might be the first purchase I’ve made myself for a long time. Seems worth the expense given how lucky I’ve been so far :slight_smile:


I was considering X but I’m just a bit gunshy about transitioning from TouchID to FaceID, especially for Apple Pay - I’m thinking I’ll jump on board in 12 months time after it’s a proven system and/or the bugs are sorted.

My wife is happy to wait 12 months with her current iPhone 6 before taking my hand-me-down - so basically by buying the 8 in 64GB form, I’m buying the phone that will suit her in a year’s time and allow me to jump on board the X+1 train.


Where’s the none of the above option? I’ll be waiting for the 4.7inch version.

$1600 for a phone is just not a done deal. Ever since Angela Ahrendts turned up at Apple, Apple has been nothing more than an expensive status symbol. I hate to say this but my next phone will probably be a Droid. Flagship phones are overrated.

And lol who was the whiny idiot that flagged my post? Seriously guys grow a set. Honestly, does the truth hurt so much that the iPhone has become a status symbol rather than a phone? Why not debate the point instead?


The whiny idiot who flagged your post would be me.

There are FOUR other threads in which discussions are taking place about why you might not be buying. If you go take a look at the top I even linked to them all in the first post.

The intent was to keep this thread as a place for those who are buying to discuss without negativity.


While your intention is admirable, you know it’s impossible for whingers not to piss and moan in as many threads as possible… :slight_smile:


I’ve usually been willing to pay the Aust and Apple tax’s to get great products, but I draw the line at nearly $1600 for an iPhone!

That’s just too much, and Apple are having a lend of us asking that much. I wont support that behaviour by paying it.

iPhone 8 is nearly as good but $500 less!


The $1600 price tag is due entirely to the exchange rate Apple negotiated when the Aussie dollar was heading towards 70 cents US.

If you want a cheap iPhone, then you can take advantage of the trickle down effect when iPhone X purchasers put their old iPhones up on fleaBay.


I upgrade my iPhone each year (usually with the top of the line model), but $1829 for an iPhone is steep.

I’m on the fence at the moment, but knowing me I’ll succumb closer to the day and buy one.

I’ll probably pick up the iPhone X 256Gb Silver. I usually get the black/space grey option as I prefer to have a black front, but now that both models sport a black face I might go for a change. I have not had a white/silver iPhone since my first iPhone 3G all those years ago. I figure if I don’t like the colour, I can put it in a case and turn it back to a black iPhone.


I just pre ordered an 8 Plus through Optus. Nice and painless process.

I note they offered an Apple Watch for $24/month (from memory) to be included, sadly they only offered the aluminium otherwise I might have been tempted to grab one of those too. Maybe they will bring the stainless steel option later.


Preordered my iPhone 8 64gb in silver from Apple at 1701. I had challenges completing the transaction in the store app - kept cycling between payment and address even though both completed, so had to revert to the old fashioned way; on the web.


The A$ has been over .78 since mid-July. No excuse for Apple not using a more up to date rate.

To not do so is is simply an excuse for a ripoff price.

I encourage people to vote with their feet and not pay it. I won’t be.

The 8 is a massive $500 less!


Some clearly have no idea how Apple hedges it’s currency buys. Apple usually adjust prices to reflect the latest exchange rate contract they’ve negotiated, every 6 months.

I don’t think Apple is concerned about a minority of people boycotting the X, it’s going to be very hard for Apple to meet the demand given the supply constraints on the OLED screens

The question for some will be is the X worth the premium over the 8? For me, the 8 has ZERO APPEAL against the 6S I currently have.


The X looks like a great phone but as pointed out the price in Oz is steep…

IMO however it is worth the extra dollars over the 8.

The other question in my mind is if the 8 is worth the extra dollars over the 7 (and I think that’s less clear cut).


Apple don’t own all of the technology or all of the manufacturing capacity or all of the patents.

In this case the screen technology in the X isn’t owned by them nor are exclusive rights to it owned by them.