Post your battery cycle


I wonder how long my battery life will continue to be good :stuck_out_tongue:


Looking better than mine…

This machine did spend some time in storage though, so I wouldn’t expect the battery to be perfect. Unfortunately it’s a whole case replacement when it eventually does dip below the Service Battery threshold. Will probably sell it on well before then.


My battery is fairly new. A refurb from Macfixit costing $99




That is a lot of cycles!

As I edge closer to 900 Cycles, my health has gone back up to 96 percent :smiley:


Nearly at 1000 cycles, battery health is apparently 97 :smiley:


My Late 2013 rMBP 15"


My Wifes MBA and my rMBP look like this. I’m surprised at the cycle number as they have always been primary machines.


Hi the big 1000 today!


Noticed this today. The battery has been draining quite quickly, to the point where I make sure I carry a charger with me at all times “just in case”. I know it’s still got some life in it, but it’s probably time to get the battery replaced.

Anyone know the rough price to get it done via Apple or an authorised outlet? Mid-2013 MBA.


I think that the Air is not as expensive, because unlike the stupidity of the Retina Pro, it isn’t glued to the top case. Not sure of the price though.

You’ll get the warning once your health drops below 80 percent iirc. Probably nothing wrong with the battery, just holding less than it used to.

MBA Battery replacement

It’s $189 for the MBA. Spoke to Apple chat support and they gave the price.

Detailed here:


Yeah as I thought, the MacBook Air battery can be replaced without replacing the whole top case.



It was at 501 yesterday when I dropped it off at the Apple Store. I was getting service battery, they’ve agreed to replace it for free. Also replaced my THIRD snapped MagSafe brick. AppleCare has definitely paid for itself.


Here you go: just picked up from the Apple Store, replaced for free on AppleCare.

First cycle!


My battery has gone well out of the range where apple would replace it for free, but since my battery life hovers from 93-96 kinda negates the need anyway.


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