Post your battery cycle


Another 100 down :smiley:

This battery is a soldier!

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iPhone 5S
1509 days old
497 cycles
76% of design capacity at full charge.

It still gets me through a “normal” day, though if for instance I go to Melbourne for the day, using maps a bit, looking stuff up in Safari whilst walking round, snapping pics… it wont make it home.


My MacBook battery - still going strong.


Mine is doing OK too, with its new(ish) battery



I guess mine is going OK for its age…

10 PM


That battery is doing very well! I guess it’s very low on cycles, but very good for the age.


The MacBook stays plugged in on my desk most of the time, hence the low cycle count.


A bump of an old thread I know, but my battery is still doing remarkably well.

94 percent health with 1627 cycles. Last month it did drop down to the 80s for a while, but has bounced back.

Can’t believe that my MacBook Pro was introduced 6 years ago, and the design is now nearly 10 years old. Still my favourite design.