I’ve Just picked up a Jackery Force420 USB-C 20,100 mAh pack (for $105 from JB on special, mostly because I wanted it for a trip I’m taking tomorrow making available and in my hand the priority). I’ll have to report back on how well (or not) it works after I’ve given it a run. At the moment I’m just charging it up.


While it’s sitting on my desk at work freaking out my 1.5A USB charger I started looking for a better (read more powerful/quicker) option and I’m wondering what the best option is. Initially, I was thinking a USB-C charger of some sort would be the best option (albeit quite expensive for more powerful versions) but then I noticed it seems to say that its input is limited to 5V 3A (which is only 15W). This means that using one of the higher powered Apple USB-C chargers shouldn’t provide any extra speed/benefit other than less stress on the adaptor.

You can get 3A USB-A type adapters pretty cheap, so the question is why would I bother getting a higher powered USB-C one for more $$? Of course, if I had a new MacBook or something that already had USB-C I could use that. Does anyone know much about this particular device?


So I picked up a 3A USB charger from Officeworks, this thing is actually QC3.0 rated although I’m only vaguely aware of the QC3.0 vs USB PD and don’t think that either actually come into play with this powerbank. In any case, it can output 5V @ 3A (it says up to 18W which is actually slightly higher than that it’s got a little headroom).


In any case it seems to happily charge up the battery while the battery is also charging two devices without breaking a sweat or getting anywhere near as warm at the 1.5A job I was using last week was.

Performance wise the powerbank did a great job charging up devices on the go. Charging up my iPhone 6+ while running Nav (so GPS + Data + full brightness) seemed to happen far more quickly than I would have expected… not that I was scientific in anyway so it could be 100% placebo effect. But it did work.

Handing the charger to my son (who will sit quietly all day on his phone if you let him playing battery intensive games) saw it come back with 50% power at the end of the day, which also included about 2 Hours or so of keeping my phone at 100% while driving using the nav). Not bad at all.

It’s bigger than most and heavier but it does what it says on the box very nicely.


Anker Powerbank is awesome. I have the 10000mAh one and it’s fantastic


Recently grabbed a couple of Xiaomi 10000mA power banks, they’re quite nicely made. From the build quality and packaging I can see why Xiaomi are gaining market share (aside from having a wide variety of products on the market)


I was originally aiming for an Anker unit but left my run too late and this seemed like a decent option.

As for Xiaomi, I’ve noticed them more and more lately. Their MacBook Air style device looks quite attractive too :smiley:


Anker now deliver direct to Australia and New Zealand. I got one of their Bluetooth speakers for about $35NZD when it was on special on Amazon. Bloody awesome deal, and great quality speaker for the tiny size.


That 1000 Mah, How much time it takes to charge itself? And anyone finds any problem using Xiaomi devices.


My 10K takes about 2 hours to fully charge. It generally tops up my iPad from 50% and does a full charge on my iPhone, with a bit left over for incidentals.


Anker, Limefuel and Zendure All do some unique designs catering to all our tastes and have dynamite build quality from what i’ve read. I’ve been holding back on pulling the trigger on a trio Zendure A8 Powerbanks until their revised QC4.0 unit bows. hell that particular model can have a car diver over it wit no ill effect.

Anker does some great units that are upto 24,000mAh, Limefuel goes upto 26k If i recall correctly.

Now the great amazon firewall is gone we can finally get decent products!


I have a couple of different Japanese branded ones, but probably still made in China. I have a RavPower solar panel I use to charge them.


I’ve been using Xiaomi powerbanks for years. I have the old 10000mAh and the new slim 5000mAh and 10000mAh. So far no issues with them. Can’t remember how much I paid for them, but around $20-$25 I think?


recently picked up the 2018 update of the cygnett charge pro 20K from costco for $119. at the time they had the best price going. been happy with it so far and dont really see that changing too quickly.


Same, the slim 5000 mah I carry when long disatance hiking, the 10,000 mah for camping trips. I also have a cheap no name brand one that is also supposedly 20,000 mah but doesn’t last as long as the bigger Xiaomi.

The two big ones easily charge Mrs entropy’s iPhone 6plus for a week of facebooking with a fair bit of power left in the no name brand, as she uses the Xiaomi first.

You can often get really good deals on Xiaomi on gearbest.


Last Week the Good Guys had a little 30% off sale and were clearing the older revision stock of the Cygnett Charge up Pro’s (whole range) i picked up two of the 6k model on in black one in turqouise (for the mrs) for $20.30ea. they had a mountain of stock. normal price was $69 so i thought it was a decent deal.


I wonder if they have any more of these floating around at that price. I could do with one of these for my son, especially for that price.


I should think they would, I learnt of it through an OzBargain post


eBay says it’s ended and the GG website says it’s no longer available. Looks like I may have missed the boat on these ones. I mean he uses my 20,000mAh unit, I just figured that a cheaper one might be better for school.