Preorder Your iPad Pro/iPhone SE and Help AppleTalk


Hi all,

Only seven hours until preorder time! Just a reminder that if you’re planning to preorder some new shiny, doing so via our affiliate links helps us stay afloat.

iPad Pro:
iPhone SE:

Thanks :smiley:


Are we expecting it to be live at 5:01?


I’m guessing so since the store is down.


Where’s the Official Appletalk OMFG the STORE IS DOWN [email protected]!!!111!!! Thread? :wink:


Might be 6:01 maybe. My clock says it’s 11:04PM in Cupertino now and the store is still down.


Done! Used the link.


What did you get?


SE 64GB Space Grey. Delivers 31 March with any luck. Will finally get to replace my ageing but still awesome 16GB 5. It has been a great phone. Best I’ve had to date. Hopefully the SE is even better.