Price Check Category?

Theres not a lot of activity yet, but don’t worry, I expect you’ll land a 5S before long. And, if push comes to shove, you could always check ebgames, they sell used iphones and give a 3/12 warranty. If you’re really that keen.

What about just a price check thread?

Price checks, wanted to buys, trades, free to a good homes, and for sales are all in the Buy/Sell/Trade category. Just like on MacTalk you have to take an active interest in the AppleTalk community and earn the right to use it. You’ll get there guys, the hardest part is waiting the minimum number of days. In the meantime, post some threads and comments and help build the community.

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Bear in mind that the Buy/Sell/Trade category is a nice to have - it’s not why AppleTalk exists.

Our qualifying criteria are also quite a bit less restrictive than some other forums :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmm the restrictions are a bit onerous, writing 20 pointless posts might become something people do. I’ve been in forums for a decade and tend to like quantity more than quality. I reckon at my average rate, that would be in about 3 yrs time as I tend to reply rather than generate things for the sake of it. The other conditions aren’t so bad.

Edit am I reading it wrong, does it mean just looking at 20 different topics rather than starting…thats not as bad…

Yes :smile:

I agree that this is a bit ambiguous - maybe opening at least 20 topics rather than entering, as entering could mean posting.

For the avoidance of ambiguity, entering means opening.

Why not just say “reading”

Uh, it’s a direct quote from the founder of Discourse. You can refer to it however you want, but it won’t change the actual requirement :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that clear explanation. I’ve been looking around the site for a bit trying to find what the guidelines were. I reckon that level 2 restrictions are fair for that sort of thing, and besides there are lots of interesting things to read and get involved with on the site without that level of access.


A tip for those having trouble getting up to Member (level 2 trust). I thought I had everything, but one of the requirements appears to be to visit for 15 different days that are not consecutive. I’d been checking new posts every morning, so had to go for a day without, and then bingo - member status waiting for me when I checked back today. Seems counter-intuitive though, that I had to leave Appletalk alone for a bit for it to trust me.

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On that - might be helpful to have some way of people who have an established reputation on Mactalk to be fast-tracked to a trusted level? Too late for me now, but I had needed to buy a Macbook Pro during the period I was waiting - might have been able to get a second hand one from an Appletalk colleague, but unable to see the forum.


I get what you’re saying, but communities don’t get built that way. They get built by members actively engaging in discussion and by doing so creating a zeitgeist of sorts.

The trading section is a perk for those who have proven they are willing to put in some time to make this place great.

It’s really not that difficult to reach member level if you take an active interest in the forum, and I don’t see how being granted a shortcut to it based on your reputation in another forum helps build this one.

Editing to note that 15 not sequential days is just 30 sequential days - a month - no great task to ask of a user.

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I agree. Think its a good idea.

Again, I get what you’re coming from — but people signing up just to trade is exactly why we have trading restrictions in the first places.

Your idea about verifying previous MacTalk members is a good one, but there’s just no way for us to verify previous members reliably.

Ah, I still need to receive that like :slight_smile:

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I’ve actually found I spend more time in the non-trading forum here now than I used to on MacTalk - better community. :slight_smile: Might help that it’s better discussion board software too! :wink:

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Hahaha I was just over at mactalk and I think the forsaLe section is the most active in the whole forum lo

i feel like i have done all the level 2 stuff but still not seeing any new categories… odd! any way to check where I’m up to?