Problem with tag names in MacOS


Is anybody else here making use of tags in Finder on MacOS? High Sierra specifically?

I’ve got an issue that I can’t work out how to fix:

  1. I scan a file to my documents folder. It’s given a default name like Scan_210318.pdf

  2. I tag that file as ‘receipt’

  3. I rename the file to be more friendly like 2018.03.18 - Tidbit General Store.pdf

  4. While the file has renamed in its source location, if I open up the ‘receipts’ tag and find it in there it has still kept the original scan file name of Scan_210318.pdf.

Untagging and retagging doesn’t fix it. Untagging, renaming, and retagging the file doesn’t fix it.

I tagged and then renamed about 200 files and discovered this issue after the fact, so it’s a bit of a problem.

If you’ve run into this issue and found a solution can you let me know? I’ve sent Apple feedback too.


LOL guess what fixed it? A simple ‘killall Finder’ command in Terminal. Murphy’s law…