Purchasing iMac from Costco Australia



If I purchase iMac from Costco Australia, will I be able to still purchase AppleCare 30 days later?


I can’t see why not. for any Mac that is in the 1 year warranty period you should be able to buy applecare. I’ve bought macs through third party vendors (JB, Mac1 etc on behalf of work- I’m not that rich) and bought applecare through apple without issue in the past.


Costco are selling iMacs now?

What are the prices like?


I was there last weekend and didn’t check the savings. Need to factor in the $60 membership fee if you aren’t already a member (although that gives you access to all of costco, it might not be worth it for a single purchase).

they don’t have a catalog on their site though which kinda sucks.


I’m already a member but it’s a bit of a hike down there so I tend to leave it for large grocery shopping trips.

I agree with the Catalog, you’d think a multi-national company could manage a simple pdf!


There isn’t one for members either… you have to go in store to see what is instore :frowning:

AppleCare shouldn’t be an issue, especially if you have a receipt to back it up although I do notice that the dates shown on the Apple website sometimes differ a little from actual purchase date.

As for price differences, depending on how much the difference is (and even regardless), I’d try taking a photo of the pricetag into your local Apple store and asking them to pricematch… the worst they can say is no.


I wonder if it’s classed as grey import stock or not?


Side note, Costco have awesome deals always on iTunes cards.


I was wondering if it was a grey… But - Apple have apparently stated that they will support/etc grey imports (via Kogan)… So I should think Costco would be ok.


Pretty sure Consumer Law would force CostCo to support for 2 years anyway even if Apple don’t, no?


All Apple purchase in OZ covered by 1 year Apple warranty + 1 year consumer warranty. However do not support OS issue during second year.
All Grey import (Kogan) Product only have one year warranty, no consumer coverage at all, Yes, confirmed!
Applecare can help you on those kogan/grey import to three years. But we also see some grey iOS devices have trouble to register AppleCare with apple.


I know Costco offer lifetime warranty for TVs as long as you remain a member; which is a pretty good deal! I wonder if the same applies to their computers? I would assume so, if so - it would be another reason to purchase from them. I might try to confirm this myself.

Prices are cheaper there e.g. $2040 for the rMBP 8GB/256Gb (non TB) model (cf. Apple - $2129); but with JB 10% off etc sales you can get better.

But: they did have the base 15 inch rMPB with TB (16GB/256GB) there for $3100 (another few hundred off their already discounted price) for a couple of weeks until end of Feb… (cf Apple $3599). Normal Costco price for that model is $3399.

Not sure what iMac prices are like but I will have a look and post up here next I am there. Hopefully they have one of those “another $200-$300 on top” off those type deals at some point.

Fill up petrol while you are there purchasing that single item; and you have already clawed back another $10 easy… I get 20-30c off for PULP compared to regular service station prices in Canberra. 50L fill will net you $10 back already.


Just checked Costco Canberra, the 21 inch iMac with 8Gb/1TB is for $2140 - that’s all they had.

Also about the warranty - yes it is covered by their Costco warranty, the deal is:

  • first use manufacturer warranty
  • then use ACL
  • then the Costco warranty applies
  • you need to have continuous membershtip with Costco throughout to claim it.

Also re the ACL/manufacturer warranty - you are not going to be on your own chasing them up (so I was told), Costco will help you with that process too.

Hope that helps.


is that the 4K? - I was there a few weeks ago and they had MacBooks as well. I wonder, do they only sell what they have in stock/display or is the whole catalog available.

for the 4K iMac, Apple have then for A$2,299.00 or A$2,159.00 on edu discount - so Costco are cheaper than edu even. hmmm.


I’m heading to Costco Docklands on Saturday, I’ll check out what they have if anything.


[quote=“bartron, post:14, topic:3211”]
is that the 4K?

Yes it is. I took a photo of the price and just double checked and also now attached.

Also when I say that’s all they had, I meant in terms of iMacs. They had the usual MacBooks / MBPs etc that I posted above such as the new 13 inch rMBP as well as the 15 inch. 256GB/8GB models as well as the MacBook.


aah - gotcha

That MacBook pro price is right on EDU price (looks like 99c more actually) but then they have their own warranty and will go to bat on the ACL warranty for you. If they did interest free I’d be on that kill a fat kid on a muffin.


Was in Costco today and they were all edu pricing on their machines. No payment options though so it’s whatever you have available to you elsewhere (e.g. get a new credit card with interest free and off you go). They had the 27" iMac. 21", and all variants of macbook and macbook pro’s


I do not see any reason why you should not be able to purchase Apple care from anyone for the unit in question post purchase as long as you are with in said window.

I’m a Costco Member in Adelaide and at our store it’s iPhone SE, 7/7+, iPad Pro, Air and Mini. then 15/13" MBP and MacBook. Air sort of rotates through as they have stock. they have had a 5K through every now and again but as i recall usually middle of the road for sizes and spec levels.

I did notice when i went to the Moorabbin Store in Melbourne (next to the airport) that their range was pared back a bit in respect to Apple Products. but they were carrying other Manufacturer PCs as well like Alienware and ASUS ROG pre-builts, at very reasonable prices considering they are of those brands.

but to answer the question posed is the membership worth it? hmm, well if your local store has a Fuel Station and you fill your tank say 3-5 times (difference can be as high as 30c/L) and you will have pretty much paid back your membership. the difference between other retailers and Costco is quite stark at times.

It’s nice having Costco, extremely held back and retarded though it’s Australian arm is, but once Amazon puts down roots, it’s on.