Question re Photos uploading to iCloud


G’day all

I have 15,000 photos in my Photos library on my Mac and want them in iCloud so that I can access them with other devices. I have told Photos to start sending them to iCloud but it’s been over an hour now and the upload counter hasn’t started to move. Have I missed a step? Does it think about things for ages before uploading begins? Activity Monitor shows Photos using negligable CPU but topping the list for memory.



It took me a lot longer than an hour to index and upload mine, from memory it was a 24 - 30 hours and I had about 4,500 photos. I have ADSL so not great upload speeds


I have around 14k photos on my iPhone and took about 2-3 days to fully upload everything to iCloud.


Good feedback julee but did it take hours before it started uploading? Mine has been thinking about things since 0800 this morning. It is now reporting 18,000 pics though so something has been going in in there.


I think it took a while (an hour or so) before it started uploading a couple of photos, but damn it was SLOW :joy:

I did realise that it will ‘stop’ occasionally, indexing maybe? But i just let it run in the background.


Two days now and still no photos being sent to iCloud. The progress bar has not shifted from 0. Any suggestions folks?


Time for a restart.


Try resetting your networking setting and a restart, see if that will kick start the upload process :frowning:


Will do tonight. I’ll do some intensive searching online in the meantime.



Delighted to report that my 15,464 photos are currently uploading to iCloud. I deleted heaps of photos and assume that one or more was a dodgy file and causing the original problem. This was reported as an issue by several people when I searched for solutions. A pity the Photos app can’t identify faulty image files.